5 Helpful Home Remedies For Zits


Zits are nothing but acne or pimples, that affects the face, chest and back by leaving red patches and scars known as whiteheads, blackheads, and pustules as well. Pores are present in the form of tiny holes and are connected to the oil glands, and these oil glands are linked back to the pores via canal like hair follicles. When these follicles are blocked, zits are formed. This is due to occupying of more oil in the skin, which generates swelling and pus when germs get into these pores, causing skin pain.

These zits are said to appear due to heavy smoking, and poor hygiene. It is thus, recommended to avoid smoking and also wash face with clean and clear water. Eating oily food, or bakery items that are prepared out of maida, are also the cause for such zits. Hence, stop consuming such type of food to fight against zits and remain safe. There are many easy remedies to cure zits, you can try any of the below mentioned home remedies and keep yourself far away from zits.

5 Effective Home Remedies For Zits

Apply Sandalwood Paste

As sandalwood paste is a coolest substance, it cools the zits when applied on infected area. Hence, apply sandalwood paste on your infected skin, leave for some time, and wash your face with cool water.

Sandalwood Paste

You will see the magic follows in few days, as it gives good refreshment to the skin, reduces the infection, and triggers zits. Use home-made sandalwood paste, instead of the ready-made brand, because of the stock that increases the risk of zits.

Maintaining Hygiene Important

It is always a good practice to wash the infected area for atleast 5 times a day with mild soap, because of the negative effect of dust particles that occupies on these zits.

Maintaining Hygiene

If you have zits on your face, do not apply makeup, as makeup powders or creams contain harmful chemical that multiplies the number of zits. Hence, you should take lots of care at this stage, maintaining hygiene becomes very important, to treat the infected skin.

Effect Of Cucumbers

Cucumber is another type of cooling agent that can cools and soothe the pain caused by zits, as it has all the good feature to nurture skin.


You can thus, rub cucumber slices over the zits, since it is capable in removing skin dryness, pain and zits; makes skin fair and smooth; also, destroys tan and gives good glow to the skin. You can also, eat more fresh cucumbers, that helps you to get cool, beautiful and charming skin and kick-out the zits.

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking water becomes very important to get glowing skin and to remove tans and zits that climb on your skin. Hence, drink plenty of water and stay away from zits.

Keep Stress Away

Stress is another cause for the zits occurance; so keep your mind cool and get rid of zits without any medications. This becomes possible by involving in various activities such as watching nature, comedy shows, involving in gardening, reading good books etc. which keeps your mind cool.

Keep Stress Away

Hence, always practice to reduce your stress and keep your mind free from anxiety, anger, stress and other bad conditions that becomes cause for stress.