5 Lifestyle Choices That Can Trigger Breast Cancer

When you are diagnosed of breast cancer, it is natural to wonder about the factors that could have triggered this disease. Certain factors like age, genes, etc cannot be modified, but other factors such as unhealthy lifestyle practices can definitely be changed. Five such unhealthy lifestyle choices that put women at risk of breast cancer are listed below.

Lifestyle Choices That Can Trigger Breast Cancer:

1. Alcohol

Research says regular intake of alcoholic beverages can trigger the development of breast cancer. Alcohol is said to increase estrogen circulation and cause damage to DNA. Both these can lead to breast cancer. Women who have 3 to 5 alcoholic drinks per day are 1.5 times at more risk of getting breast cancer compared to those who take one drink a day.


2. Overweight

Being obese after menopause is another factor that might increase the possibility of developing breast cancer. Most estrogen is produced by fat tissue post menopause so when you have more fat tissues, it will result in high levels of estrogen, which in turn increase the danger of breast cancer. Again an overweight person’s insulin levels are high. High insulin levels in the blood increases the level of estrogen in blood. When the estrogen and insulin attach to the receptors in the breast tissues, it will trigger cell division and amplify the risk of cancer.


3. Oral Contraceptives

Studies reveal that women taking oral contraceptives have more chances of developing breast cancer compared to those who are not taking one. Once the pills have been stopped, the risk will disappear overtime. Combined contraceptive pills are found to increase the possibilities of breast cancer. However the effects of mini pills are not known. Women using DMPA also have higher possibilities of developing the disease.

Oral Contraceptives

4. Sugar And Certain Animal Source Foods

It has been proved that foods with high glycemic such as sugar index spell danger for breast cancer. When the blood insulin levels are high, it increases the circulating estrogen level and also when these hormones attach to the receptors in the breast tissues, cell division is activated. Grilled meat and high fat animal products are also found to trigger hormone dependent cancer. Dairy products treated with rGBH can cause breast cancer when taken in large quantities. So, it is better to limit the consumption of the above mentioned foods.

Sugar And Certain Animal Source Foods

5. Chemicals In Cosmetics

Cosmetics make you look and feel better but some chemicals used in them add to the chances of developing breast cancer. These chemicals acts as hormone disruptors and affect the estrogen levels in the body. Parabens and phthalates used in cosmetics affect estrogen and other hormonal levels and put women at a higher risk of developing breast cancer.

Chemicals In Cosmetics