5 Main Causes And Ways To Cope With Sexual Dysfunction In Women

Sexual Dysfunction In Women

Sex is one of the very important life activities for a human being. Healthy sex brings peace and joy in the family and helps in the progress of society. But in recent times it is seen that sexual dysfunction in men or women is increasing in great number. A research shows that this dysfunction rate is quite high among female than male and it is 43%. But doctors sometimes say that every women can suffers from this disorder in any stage of her life.

According to the doctors there are four different signs of this sexual dysfunction in women. The first major sign is decrease in or no sexual desire or interest. In this a woman does not have any urge for sex. In the second symptom the woman does have the desire or hunger for sex but finds it difficult to get the proper stimulation or arousal. The third sign is called anorgasmia medically. In this a woman  is aroused and engages in sex. But she fails to achieve the ultimate satisfaction known as orgasm. The last type of sign is a kind of pain or ache that a woman suffers from or feels at the time of sexual activity or at the time of vaginal penetration. It is directly a physical one.

Main Causes Of Sexual Dysfunction In Women:

1. Hormonal Change

According to the doctors hormonal change in a female body is one of the major causes for sexual dysfunction. A decrease in the level of female hormone estrogen can causes this disorder. A woman who is running towards menopause or having menopause has low level of hormone in her body. This decrease in the level of estrogen leads to the decreased level of blood flow to the lower region of your body. As a result a woman finds it difficult to get aroused. Giving birth to a baby also can do this to a woman.

Hormonal Change

2. Different Illness And Medicines

Not only lower level of estrogen but different kind of illness also can contribute to low or no sexual desire in a woman. These illnesses include disease of heart that makes it difficult for blood to flow properly through blood vessels. Diabetes also is one of the major diseases. Then there are bladder problem, kidney dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, cancer etc. In addition to this medicines given to fight some ailments can cause sexual dysfunction in women too. Such medicines are medicine for blood pressure, antihistamines, medicine to control depression, medicine for chemotherapy etc.

Different Illness And Medicines

3. Mental Issues

Along with the above said causes mental or psychological condition of a woman also can give birth to sexual dysfunction doctors say. A woman who worries too much or mentally remains depressed always, if does not have any proper help like counseling or medicine, can become victim of this ailment ultimately. Experts say that incident of sexual torture or some kind of abuse in past life also can cause psychological problem in life. Regular tussle or conflict with your husband in married life can cause this problem too.

Mental Issues

Here Are 2 Ways To Cope With Sexual Dysfunction In Women:

1. Always Remain Physically Active

Doctors emphasize on regular physical; activity or exercise so that your body and mind remains fresh and alive. A healthy body is the place where a healthy mind lives. A healthy mind always remains in good mood. Good mood is very useful for good sex life experts say. So you have to engage in regular exercise like aerobics etc to keep your body fit and  in shape.

Always Remain Physically Active

2. Avoid Drinking And Smoking

Drinking alcohol, smoking regularly and heavily give birth to several health problems in long run. Doctors say that drinking alcohol suppresses sexual desire. At the same time smoking makes it difficult for blood to flow properly in body. This in turn can make it hard for a  woman to get proper sexual arousal also.

Avoid Drinking And Smoking