5 Major Signs And Important Causes Of Acute Liver Failure In Women

Important Causes Of Acute Liver Failure In Women

Liver is one of the major vital organs of the body that mainly detoxifies a human body and keeps it fit and healthy. Liver has some of its own ailments.One of such ailments is liver failure. Liver failure occurs when liver can’t able to function normally. Sometimes this abnormal function of liver or liver failure happens very quickly. Doctors say that within a matter of days or sometimes weeks. Then this ailment is called acute liver failure. Acute liver failure is frequent among women. If acute liver failure occurs it can put the life of a woman or man in grave danger. In this illness massive bleeding can take place and brain of a person also can be affected. Immediate medical attention is needed in acute liver failure.

1. Major Signs

According to doctors major signs of acute liver failure involves jaundice like color occurring on skin and in eyes. Health experts say that when this disease occurs in a person the man or woman can feel uneasiness like ache, swelling on right upper part of belly. There may be feeling like nausea or vomiting also.  A general feeling of not feeling very well takes place in a patient with this health problem. Apart from these doctors say that in this ailment altered mental state like confusion can take place too. It is termed as hepatic encephalopathy medically. The person can be in a sleepy manner too. Doctors say that whenever you notice such signs in you or any person near you then it is time to be alert and contact doctor without loosing time.

Major Signs

Here Are 4 Important Causes Of Acute Liver Failure In A Woman:

2. Some Harmful Viruses

Doctors have cited some harmful viruses as one of the major causes of acute liver failure in a woman. These viruses include different hepatitis virus like hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis E. These viruses can cause dreaded hepatitis type A, B and E in a woman or man which can put one at a risk of this serious liver ailment. Besides these hepatitis, other harmful virus are Epstein-Barr virus, herpes simplex virus etc.

Some Harmful Viruses

3. Use Of Some Medicines

Doctors say that use or overdose of some medicines also can cause acute liver failure in a woman. They state that in US occurrence of this disease is frequently connected with overdose of acetaminophen group of medicine. Besides use of some medicines like NSAID or non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, anticonvulsants, antibiotics also can give birth to this health issue. That is why before using a medicine kindly talk to your doctor clearly.

Use Of Some Medicines

4. Eating Poisonous Food

Eating poisonous food also can cause this kind of serious liver disease on a woman experts state. By food they mean certain type of mushroom. This mushroom is known by the name of Amanita phalloides. Eating this mushroom gives birth to toxins in your body. Therefore eating this wild mushroom can put you at a risk of acute liver failure. So before buying or eating mushroom you need to make sure that it does not carry any toxic element.

Eating Poisonous Food

5. Excessive Drinking Of Alcohol

Apart from above reasons health experts state excessive drinking of alcohol as one of the primary reasons for this serious liver disease. A woman if has habit of excessive drinking of alcohol can put her at a risk of serious alcohol related liver diseases. These diseases  can  in turn give birth to condition like acute liver failure. For this reason a woman must control her drinking habit. For this kindly consult your doctor. At the same time if you are obese, kindly try to loose extra weight. Extra fat in body can cause non alcoholic fatty liver disease that also can risk this serious liver problem in you.

Abstain From Alcohol