5 Major Signs, Cause And Risk Factors Of Tachycardia In Women

Tachycardia In Women

Heart is one of the vital organs in a human body that supplies oxygen rich blood to other parts of the body. For this heart needs to beat. Doctors say that normal beating of heart ranges from 60 to 100 times per minute. If this heart beat falters or goes out of this range some ailments can take place. If the heart beats more than 100 times a minute the condition is called tachycardia.

A heart can beat faster when you do some strenuous work, exercise or you are mentally a bit agitated or excited. In these cases faster heart beat is normal. But when tachycardia occurs when you are in rest then it is time to be a bit cautious. According to doctors there are several types of tachycardia. These are mainly classified in terms of occurrences in different chambers of heart. If you have incident of tachycardia for a long time it is best to consult ta doctor. Tachycardia if left unattended can cause serious hear related health problems doctors state.

1. Major Signs Of Tachycardia

The major sign of tachycardia is difficulty in breathing according to doctors. Other major signs include lightheadedness or feeling dizzy, a sensation of heart beating fast in the chest or palpitation. A woman with tachycardia can have chest pain too that can last more than a few minutes. Heath experts also state that in tachycardia the pulse rate in a woman can be fast too. In this ailment a sense of loosing consciousness can also take place in a woman.

Major Signs Of Tachycardia

2. Cause

Doctors or heath experts have cited problem in the pacemaking system of the heart as the main cause of faster heart rate in a man or woman. Heart has a natural electrical circulation system called pacemaking that controls the beating rate of heart. Sinus node in right atrium of heart is this natural pacemaker from which the electrical impulse rises and goes through some other parts of heart and produces normal beat that helps heart to pump blood in normal way. When disruption or some kind of problem happens in this normal flow of electrical circulation system it affects normal heart rate. When the heart beats faster than normal tachycardia happens.


Below Are 3 Risk Factors Of Tachycardia In A Woman:

3. Different Types Of Illness

Doctors state that different types of illness can risk tachycardia in a woman. These illnesses include heart disease that can cause defect to the tissues of heart. Besides people who have heart problem like QT syndrome  from birth can have tachycardia too. Other diseases include high blood pressure or hypertension, diabetes, anemia, overactive thyroid or hyperthyroidism etc Apart from these loss of balance in electrolytes and minerals in the body also can cause problem in electrical impulse. That in turn can risk tachycardia experts state.

Different Types Of Illness

4. Family History

According to doctors having heart rate connected problem in a family is one of the major risk factors of tachycardia. Doctors say that it is very often seen that there are some diseases which if take place in a person of a family then a very close member of that person is seen to develop that illness in future. In this regard doctors say that if you have history of tachycardia in your family then you should be a bit alert.

Family History

5. Drinking Habit And Substance Use

Doctors say that what you drink regularly or use to get relief from mental stress can put you at a risk of getting heart problem like tachycardia too. In this regard a woman who drinks alcohol regularly at a limitless rate can be victim of this heart problem. Same thing can be said for people who drink caffeine at a heavy rate on regular basis. Smoking also can damage your heart and give birth to tachycardia along with other serious heart problem. Experts say that a woman who has a habit of using recreational drug to get relief from tension or anxiety is vulnerable to this ailment also.

Drinking Habit And Substance Use