5 Major Warning Signs And Steps To Avoid Throat Cancer In Women

Throat Cancer In Women

A man or woman communicates with others by speaking. Throat is a part of human body that helps in producing sound or voice or speech. Pharynx the tube and larynx the voice box are two main parts of throat. Like other parts of body different type of illness also can take place here which includes cancer too. Throat cancer can occur in the cells, cartilage of larynx and pharynx of the throat. Besides a throat cancer also can happen in other parts of throat. These are tonsil and epiglottis. Epiglottis works as a kind of lid in the mouth of windpipe. Like all other cancers a woman must look after symptoms of the disease. Detection in early stage and prompt medical action can help one to fight this problem with success.

1. Major Warning Signs Of Throat Cancer

According to doctors major warning sign of throat cancer involves sudden break up of normal voice. Voice cracks up and produces hoarseness when a woman or man becomes victim of throat cancer. A man or woman with this cancer will find it difficult to swallow food easily. Difficulty in breathing also can happen. Health experts say that in this ailment a person can encounter problems like continuous coughing, soreness in throat and pain in ear.  Feeling of a lump like thing in neck also can happen in this ailment too. Besides a woman can loose her weight inexplicably. Health experts say that when you have these signs for some period of time in a persistent way it is time to contact a doctor immediately.

Major Warning Signs Of Throat Cancer

Below Are 4 Steps To Avoid Throat Cancer In A Woman:

2. Stop Using Tobacco

Doctors or experts say to stop chewing tobacco or smoking severely to avoid throat cancer. They say that using tobacco in form of chewing or smoking cigarettes is the primary reason for throat cancer among men and women. If you are more than 60 years old and have a habit of using tobacco or smoking in limitless way then you must quit  it immediately so that throat cancer can’t attack you.

Stop Using Tobacco

3. Eat Healthy Foods

With quitting tobacco doctors give emphasis on eating healthy foods to avoid throat cancer. They state that eating fresh healthy foods rich in various nutrients like vitamins, minerals can help one to fight or avoid various ailments including this cancer. Different foods have antioxidants which are very helpful to build up a healthy body. Good foods include fresh and colorful vegetables and fruits.

Eat Healthy Foods

4. Remain Cautious About HPV

In recent times doctors are asking men as well as women to remain a bit cautious about disease like HPV or human papillomavirus so that throat cancer can be avoided. According to medical science people who get HPV are likely to develop throat cancer later on. So remaining a bit cautious about this infection can help to avoid this cancer. As HPV can take place due to unsafe sex and sex with multiple partners, so measures have to be taken to control such behavior. Besides HPV vaccine also can help.

Remain Cautious About HPV

5. Avoid Exposure To Some Chemicals

Avoiding exposure to some chemicals can help you to avoid health issue like throat cancer experts state. Medical research has shown that working closely or remaining easily exposed to some chemicals for a certain period of time can cause several serious health issues in you including throat cancer. Such chemicals include nickel, sulfuric acid, asbestos etc. So remaining a bit alert about these chemicals can help you to avoid throat cancer.