5 Most Common Causes Of Uterine Cancer

Uterine cancer is one of the most dangerous forms of cancer in women and also one of the most common ones. It has been noted that certain lifestyle habits could be attributed to this cancer form. As the name suggest, this form of cancer starts in the uterus and often the problem here is that women tend to ignore the earlier symptoms and they also follow poor lifestyle choices that makes the scenario worse.

Here Are The 5 Most Common Causes Of Uterine Cancer:

1. Having Too Much Tamoxifen

The drug called tamoxifen is actually a hormone inducing drug that is given to women during breast cancer therapy. What happens here is that women tend to consume this drug in spite of warning signs. Womb cancer is highly associated with tamoxifen and if one experiences heavy bleeding when consuming the same, they should immediately consult with their GP.

Having too much Tamoxifen

2. Obesity

There is no doubt that obese women put themselves to many kinds of risks and uterine cancer is one of them. Women who tend to overeat, not exercise and thus continue gain on their waistlines are hampering their uterine functions. It prevents regular menstrual cycles that eventually leads to cyst development and higher risk of uterine cancer.


3.  Using Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)

There are various kinds of HRT drugs available in the market that are used for boosting energy levels, managing thyroid and also weight loss. Having too much of these HRT drugs and steroids puts you at higher risk of uterine cancer and thus should be avoided. In particular oestrogen drugs for menopause therapy puts you at a risk.

Using Hormone replacement therapy (HRT)

4. Not Managing Diabetes

Women who are diabetic but choose to ignore medications and avoid apt lifestyle choices for maintaining their blood sugar levels are prone to getting uterine cancer. If you have diabetes then you should make sure you go for regular screening and not ignore your signs of irregular cycles.

Not Managing Diabetes

5. Ignoring Family History

If you have a family history of uterine cancer but have not consulted on the same with your doctor you could be potentially risking your future. Remember that women with family history of cancer have a higher chance of getting uterine cancer too. So make sure you don’t ignore symptoms.

Ignoring Family History