5 Most Common Symptoms Of A Cyst

fibroid cystThere is no cause of worry if you have been diagnosed with a cyst. However, it might give rise to difficulties if uncared for.Medical tests have revealed that 75% of all women will develop fibroid cysts once during their lifetime. Don’t fret! The term ‘cyst’ might sound terrifying; let us assure you, it is not! A cyst can be filled with air, fluids or semi-solid materials, while fibroid cysts are composed of fibrous materials, which make them tumours.

When you become aware of cysts, immediate surgery and medication will help you lead a healthy life. Better be safe than sorry, right?

Common Symptoms Of A Cyst

Abdominal Pain

Most women who have fibroid tumours / cysts have shown no symptoms at all. But, during menstruation, these cysts can cause painful abdominal cramps. What causes this? When the tumor presses against the bowels, the painful sting is generated.

abdominal pain

Studies have revealed that most cysts develop along the wall of the uterus, however, if they protrude, they can twirl and be the source of massive pain.

Frequent Urination

Frequent urination as a result of the tumour or cyst pressing against your bladder is a major symptom. If the tumour or cyst is large enough to obstruct the flow of urine, you have reason to worry and immediate medical attention is required.

Heavy Bleeding

Heavy menstrual flow or bleeding between periods is also a key symptom. If you have been passing blood clots during menstruation and your bleeding is excessively heavy, you might need medical help.

P.S. – If your blood losses are so heavy that you feel dizzy of nauseous, you might want to go visit your nearest doctor at the earliest.

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Inflamed Uterus

The size of a cyst or tumor can differ from person to person. It can be the size of a pea or as huge as an orange. A woman can have several cysts like as in case of Polycystic ovarian disease or syndrome. Depending on their number and size, you can have an enlarged uterus.

This might not be life threatening, but immediate medical attention should be administered. In case of larger tumor or cyst, the procedure of myomectomy should be done immediately. This kind of surgery offers treatment on a temporary basis as the smaller cysts and tumors which remain untreated keep on growing.


Apart from exerting pressure on the bladder, uterus and abdomen, a cyst can also pressurize the rectum leading to constipation. The pelvic area can feel heavier and fuller resulting in changes in a woman’s body shape. It has often been noticed how women change their style of living due to the excessive gain in weight.


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Uterine cysts are not the only kind of growths in a woman’s body. Breast fibroids and cysts are also widely prevalent among women and need to be given medical attention on time.

It is always better be careful about even any small changes in the body rather than be late and suffer.

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