5 Most Effective Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Loose motion, also known as dehydration, diarrhea and dysentery, makes body weak if it repeats in a person, more number of times in a day. Dehydration happens due to several reasons such as- food poisoning; due to virus, it also occurs due to eating too much of spicy food. It also appears, if there is sudden change in the climate- especially found during the rainy season; also, it takes place due to indigestion of food; due to loss of appetite, and is also caused in the people who eat more mangoes.

Effective Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Dysentery might become the cause for death if neglected. So, it is always good to consult doctors incase of emergency. Instead of taking medicines, when loose motion occurs, it is good to maintain a proper balanced diet to control diarrhea. At the same time, know the effective home remedies that works amazingly well to cure dysentery in case of minor or mild loose motion.

1. Parle Glucose Biscuits

Glucose biscuits are the best remedy to control loose motion. Thus, eat 4-5 glucose biscuits till you get relief from dehydration. Not just glucose biscuits, you can eat any biscuits, as all biscuits are madeout of maida. However, eating glucose biscuits such as Parle-G works better to control loose motion immediately.

2. Entero Quinol Tablets

There are tablets like ‘Entero Quinol’ which is most commonly known to many people and are easily available everywhere; these tablets are so effective that, they have the capacity to control the loose motion quickly. A single tablet is strong and effective enough to get rid of loose motion.

3. Drink Hot Water

Drinking hot water is very important when you suffer from dysentery or dehydration; this is because, drinking cold water, makes your stomach and body cool; also creates way for bacteria or germs and such type of impure water will increase the dehydration. While, hot water keeps your body warm and controls dehydration. Hence, drink hot water which is free from germs and bacteria and gives better relief from loose motion.

4. Lemon Water Effect

Lemon water juice is excellent to stop loose motion. You can either drink lemon juice directly or you can drink it with water. Take a glass full of water; squeeze-out half part of the lemon; add the required amount of sugar to this solution, stir well; it’s done. Drink this lemon juice which is good for diarrhoea, it removes anxiety and gives you good energy, by reducing the dehydration that makes you lose the water content from your body and makes you weak.

5. Consume Oral Rehydration Solution (ORS)

As there is loss of water, due to dysentery, it is very good to drink electrolytes. The most popular electrolyte is ORS that energizes and gives good relaxation to the body. Another electrolyte is the ‘Enerzal’ that is in the form of juice and is more on demand. Enerzal comes with various fruit flavours such as orange, mango, apple and other fruits. This kind of fruit flavoured electrolyte is very good in taste and is liked by all.