5 Must Have Food For Balancing The Hemoglobin Of A Pregnant Lady

Food For Balancing The Hemoglobin Of A Pregnant Lady

Attaining ‘Motherhood’ or getting ‘Pregnant’ is one of the crucial phase in a women’s life. This news brings a lot of happiness and eagerness among both the aspiring parents. While, being a women you are enjoying this phase of life, you need to be very conscious and focused about your diet plan. Because improper diet plan and lack of proper nutrients in your body during pregnancy, will be the major cause of delivery complications or it can even pose a serious threat to your life or to the life of your little champ.

A pregnant lady needs all vital nutrients that plays a pivot role in fostering a healthy pregnancy, among which iron is one of them. Lack of iron or iron deficient pregnancy can adversely affect the health of a pregnant lady. In a medical literature, ‘Anemia’ is usually the terminology for this health issue. A pregnant lady is usually considered anemic, if her hemoglobin level depreciates below the range of 12g/dL. Besides, this if you undergoes the symptoms of laziness, tiredness, lack of concentration, short of breath, headache, palpitations, irritability and many more, then it’s almost sure that you are a victim of lack of Hemoglobin. What if, we can balance the hemoglobin levels in pregnancy by in -taking iron rich food rather than taking any supplements?

Today, We Will Discuss About 5 Must Have Food For Balancing The Hemoglobin Of A Pregnant Lady:

1. High Intake Of Vitamin C Rich Diet:

A Pregnant lady can equalize the hemoglobin levels by in taking the diet rich in Vitamin C, which is also referred to as ‘Ascorbic Acid’. Your body feels reluctant to absorb the iron rich food unless and until, you in take a diet rich in Vitamin C.If a pregnant lady takes a diet rich in Vitamin C,it goes a long way in the development of collagen,which is very important for your skin,cartilage and tendons. Moreover, intake of this vitamin has a lot of benefits,which includes toxin removal from your body , aiding in bone growth, tissue repair, development of fetus, aids in the improvement of immunity and much more.

Rich sources of Vitamin C includes Oranges, Kiwi,Lemon, Grapes, Strawberries, Peach, Blackcurrant and many more. You can have these fruits either in solid form or you can also take them in juice form (1).

High Intake Of Vitamin C Rich Diet

2. Diet From Animal Sources:

Pregnant ladies can also take diet from animal sources in order to balance their hemoglobin levels along with getting strength and potential to lead a healthy phase of pregnancy. Moreover, these food also contain proteins which helps in the repair and growth of tissues.

You can take Salmon Fish,which is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids , Eggs ,rightly termed as super-food which contains vital nutrients as well as Meat from animal source to maintain the required balance of hemoglobin in your body (2).

Diet From Animal Sources

3. Intake Of Green-Leafy Veggies:

Green leafy vegetables are also a good source of raising hemoglobin levels in a pregnant lady. In fact green leafy veggies contain folate, which is highly beneficial for the sound formation of Blood cells in the human body. Not only this, they are aided with anti-oxidants that helps in the prevention of cancer.

Your diet chart can include these edible green leaves ,comprising of Parsley, Beans, Sorrel, Lettuces, Fenugreek leaves and Spinach as a source of Green Leafy Vegetables ,so as to balance the required level of hemoglobin in your body. Some of these green leafy vegetables can be either taken in the raw form,just like salads or you can also take them in a steamed form. Intake of green leafy vegetables not only offers a sound nourishment to pregnant lady but will also add a vital role in the proper development of the baby’s optical vision (3).

Intake Of Green-Leafy Veggies

4. Intake Of Iron Fortified Whole-Grain Pasta:

When you are blessed with Motherhood, you might feel a lot of fatigue and depreciating energy levels in your body. This is one of the prominent symptom of being anemic. To overcome this, you can also include whole-grain Pasta in your diet plan. It is rightly said,whatever a women eats or drinks during pregnancy is the primary source of nourishment for her baby. So, if you are pregnant try to include a variety in your daily meals ,so as to include a wide variety of nutrients in your diet,which is not only good for you but also for the healthy and well nourished growth of the new born.

Iron fortified Pasta contains carbohydrates that helps to supply glucose to the body. This in turn, bring lots of energy and fuel to the body. So go ahead ,cook and enjoy this whole grain pasta along with added veggies besides filling your craving for spicy food (4).

Intake Of Iron Fortified Whole-Grain Pasta

5. Do Include Beetroot In Your Diet Plan:

Try to include Beetroot as a major ingredient in your diet plan. Intake of beetroot is also very beneficial for pregnant ladies, as, it is a rich source of Iron, Potassium and Fiber.  Beetroot also contains folic acid,which is very vital for the growth of tissues.t’s so nutritious that its daily intake helps iIn the proper development of the newborn’s spinal cord,along with hiking the Red Blood count in the body, and thus  balancing the hemoglobin levels in the pregnant ladies.

You can take it in the juice form or try to include it in your salad or for a change you can also use it in grated form along with fresh mixed veggie salad, which includes carrot, radish, green beans, cucumber and tomato (5).

Do Include Beetroot In Your Diet Plan

An anemic pregnant lady can have considerable health issues during pregnancy, which if left un-treated can pose serious threat to the life of the mother as well of the baby. So, by following all the above mentioned must food, a significant improvement can be notified in the range of hemoglobin in pregnant ladies. Last but not the least, you can refer your medical practitioner or consult your dietician before making any alterations in your pregnancy diet chart.