5 Natural Remedies For Dry Skin

Dry Skin

Dry skin the most worst condition as the whole skin get itching effect and sometime the body get ratchets and some time it just look like that the blood will come out from the skin , normally dry skin happens in the summer season when we forget to apply moisturiser to the body , normally we apply moisturiser to our face only.

This will dry our skin and white patches will occur if the skin will remain dry for longer time, this is the worst condition as the humidity of the air sucks all the moisture of our skin, but this is not only for the winter but some people have this dry skin from the birth they have to do extra care for their skin, there are natural ways by using this regularly any one can get moisturised skin .

5 Natural Remedies For Dry Skin:


Unpasteurized Milk And Milk Products

first put a 1/4 litre of milk in the refrigerator, and when it get totally chilled then take it out and put it in the transparent bowl, the use the cotton or and soft cloth and now dip it into the chilled milk, now apply this to your dry skin for 10 minutes , milk has antioxidant properties that will help in rid out from the itching and the redness of the dry skin will remove , milk will provide natural antioxidants to the skin and the long lasting effect of the moisture will give extra smoothness to the skin , study says that the milk has lactic acid in it that will use for the burning skin , this lactic acid will remove the dead skin and the new tissue will made.

Petroleum Jelly

Apply Petroleum Jelly

The best way to remove the dry skin is to moisturise  it daily and the best way is to apply moisturiser to it to make home made moisturiser what we should have is the petroleum jelly , and the some butter now mix it well and boil it to he half  now apply it to the rough skin this mixture will moisturise the deep in the skin and the long lasting moisturiser effect will get.

Oats And Honey


Oats has exfliotated property it will remove all the dead skin and the new glowing skin will get , first we have to use 2 table spoon of oats and add 2 table spoon of the honey to it mix it well and then apply this thick paste to the effected body and slowly scrub it and then clean it with the warn water , the honey will give the best moisture effect to the skin,

Olive Oil

Olive oil

Olive oil has the quality of nourishing and the moisturing effect and we have to apply the olive oil to the dry skin area and gently massage to the it and now leave it for the whole night and in the morning take a bath and clean it with warm water , your skin will feel fresh and moisturised this moisturisation will have the longer effect to the skin,

Cream And Sugar


Cream has the milk oil in it and sugar provides oxygen to the skin so the mixture of both cream and sugar has the quality of removing dry skin , when you apply this mixture make sure that your skin must be clean and free from any dirt, after applying this massage it gently and some time it will automatically leave your skin in the form of dove and you will see the your skin will start glowing.