5 Natural Treatments For Hair Loss In Women

Natural Treatments For Hair Loss

Long and lustrous hair is the pride of a woman and adds to her beauty. Hair is an important part of a woman’s beauty and hence caring for hair is of utmost importance to most of them.

However, loss of hair is a common problem affecting many women and almost all of them resort to chemical treatment methods to resolve the issue without causing much damage to the hair.

A lot of factors can lead to hair loss. Hormone imbalance is the most common among them. Stress is another important reason that leads loss of hair in patches that can be embarrassing. Certain medical treatments like chemotherapy too are responsible for severe hair loss.

Some Natural Ways To Treat Hair Loss

1. Indian Gooseberry

Also known as Amla, Indian gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C which helps in improving the production of keratin protein which is essential for the strength and shine of the hair.

Indian Gooseberry

Take two gooseberries every day for about two months to stop hair loss. Alternately, to combat the sourness of gooseberries, add two gooseberries in a glass of water and boil it for 10 minutes. Sweeten it with honey before drinking it.

2. Lettuce

Lettuce juice can treat hair loss effectively. Lettuce contains compounds that help in growth of hair. Take one litre of water and add 10-15 lettuce leaves to it. Boil for about 15 minutes.


Strain the water and allow it to cool to room temperature. This water that is rich in nutrients can be taken every day morning for a month. Hair will start growing back strongly and hair loss will be considerably reduced by then.

3. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been used for centuries for treating hair fall and encouraging hair growth. Massage unrefined coconut oil into your scalp for about 15 minutes every day.

Coconut Oil

This will improve blood circulation to the scalp and open the follicles that could be blocked and nourish them. Coconut milk too can be used for this purpose and is a better solution for scalp that is oily and also for those suffering from hair loss due to dandruff.

4. Onion

Onion has antibacterial properties and can treat hair fall due to fungal infections and other patchy formations on the scalp due to hair loss. Slice an onion into two and rub the slice on the patches of hair.


The juice of onion can be squeezed out and massaged into the scalp for general hair loss. Leave it on for an hour and wash off later on. Do this twice daily and soon you will notice strong and lustrous hair growing back.

5. Fenugreek

Soak fenugreek seeds in a cup of water overnight. The next day, you can grind them to form a paste. Massage this paste on the scalp. Massage for about 10 minutes. Now soak a cotton towel in a bowl of hot water.


Wring the excess water out. Using the towel, cover your hair and head in the towel. Leave it for half an hour. After this treatment, hair can be washed with a herbal shampoo and allowed to air dry.