5 Natural Ways To Get Beautiful Hair


We do believe that beautiful hair does make us feel confident. Whether we are a working professional or a home maker, sometimes we are too busy to take out time and go to the parlour to get hair treatments done. So, why not try some natural treatments at home to get beautiful shiny and smooth hair.

List Of Natural Ways To Get Beautiful Hair


Aloevera is great for both skin and hair. Using natural Aloevera gel, extracted from a freshly cut leaf can help us get beautiful hair. It helps in hair growth and makes hair soft and smooth. The extracted gel from an Aloevera leaf needs to be applied all over the scalp and hair and later washed off with water. This leaves the hair soft and smooth.

Aloe Vera


Youghurt is another natural ingredient which helps in thickening hair, also it acts as a natural conditioner for dry hair. Applying Youghurt to hair as a mask and keeping it for maybe 10-15 minutes and later washing it away with a shampoo, leaves the hair soft, smooth and shiny.



Almost all of us have Vinegar available in our kitchen. Using a little Vinegar for hair treatment can be amazing. Vinegar needs to added with water and then it should be used to wash your hair. This makes hair shiny and smooth. Weekly treatment of hair using Vinegar can give great results.



A mask made from Papaya acts as a great conditioner for dry and damaged hair. Papaya should be smashed and mixed with Yoghurt and made into a paste. This paste needs to be applied on the scalp and hair and left for sometime and later washed off with shampoo. The result is soft and smooth hair.


Lime Juice

Lime juice should be used after a hair wash to get shiny hair. The smell of lime juice is very fresh and also the juice if applied to the scalp helps in curing dandruff. A teaspoon of lime juice applied to washed hair can also help in reducing frizziness of hair.

Lime Juice

Along with the above mentioned natural remedies, drinking a lot of water and having fresh fruits and vegetables help in hair growth and makes your hair beautiful.