5 Neurological Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

Neurological Symptoms Of Ovarian Cancer

All types of cancer will cause some ill effect to the body as well which will result in nerve damage due to the pressure put on surrounding nerves and other difficulties and discomforts.  For ovarian cancer, there are certain neurological symptoms that can be present before the diagnosis of the cancer itself and also after the treatment methods due to the damage caused in nerve functions. The symptoms can be sometimes very prominent, making simple and commonplace activities difficult. Discussed below are certain neurological symptoms that are associated with ovarian cancer.

1. Tingling Of Hands And Legs

The tingling sensation that you feel on your hands, fingers and feet is a symptom that is very commonly found in all kinds of neurological disorders. The tingling sensation may be present even before the cancer is detected as the tumour can sometimes press against nerves, causing low blood flow to the areas concerned, leading to numbness and tingling in these areas. After chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments, women could still be faced with tingling of the hands and feet due to the effect of the medications and treatments and sometimes due to nerve damage due to surgery.

2. Development Of Polyneuropathy

Polyneuropathy is a condition when the peripheral nerves do not function properly. This will lead to weakness of the limbs, numbness or total lack of sensation in certain areas of the body, and reduced reflexes due to the damaged nerves. This too can be caused due to the tumour pressing against the nerves or after the treatment.

3. Development Of Ataxia

Some women who have ovarian cancer experience a condition when the movement of muscles is compromised in such a way that they feel restricted in doing certain activities. The stiffness in movement is however not caused due to any loss of muscle tone or weak muscles. It is entirely caused due to nerve damage due to treatment and also due to the damage caused by the tumour pressing against the nerves.

4. Development Of Dysarthia

When a woman who has ovarian cancer develops dysarthia, certain muscles groups get paralysed or become very weak, making it difficult to do certain activities. If the tongue muscles are weakened, women will have difficulty in talking. Similarly lip muscles too can be affected causing weakness in the lips as well and creating a lot of discomfort in movement of lips for proper functions like eating or talking.

5. Dizziness

Dizziness or vertigo is also a common symptom or side effect of the treatment of ovarian cancer. During an episode of vertigo, women feel that the whole world around them is spinning or jerking up and down or sideways. It can last for a few seconds to a few minutes and could be a frequent occurrence when you have ovarian cancer. Vertigo is caused due to the loss of balance in the inner ear.

The severity of symptoms is varied from individual to individual based on how bad the nerve damage is. Some people may be lucky enough to have no neurological damage as well if the tumour is diagnosed early enough and done away with.