5 Outstanding Exercises For Disc Bulge In Women

Outstanding Exercises For Disc Bulge In Women

Disc bulge is one of the most common problems at women suffer, particularly in middle age and old age. It occurs due to an oversized vertebral disc that tends to cover greater spinal area than normal. As a result, you may suffer discomfort and pain. Most often aging of the cartilage is one of the main causes of the disc bulge and it occurs naturally. However, by following certain exercises, you can mitigate the discomfort and pain. You need to perform certain stretching exercises regularly. You can perform exercises either independently or in combination with medications and treatments to get relief from the discomfort. Read on to discover all about effective exercises to alleviate disc bulge in women.

Find Below Five Effectual Exercises That Help Mitigate The Pain And Troubles Due To Disc Bulge:

1. Cobra Extension Exercise

When you perform cobra extension exercise, it stretches your spinal cords effectively and relaxes your vertebrae which are connected to your bulging disc. All you need to do is lie on a flat floor on your belly, keep your body straight, raise your torso up with the support of your hands. Make sure you lift your torso up till your both arms are straightened. Stay in this position for about 30seconds and then get back to the initial resting position. Repeat this exercise twice or thrice every day.

Cobra Extension Exercise

2. Bending Over Ball Stretch

Another fun yet effective exercise to treat disc bulge in women is bending over the ball. Take a huge ball such that you can bend over it. Now, bend over this balls on your waist with your legs and hands stretched our freely such that your body makes the shape of semi-circle. This exercise effectively stretches your spine and provides you a great relief from the pain and discomfort resulting due to disc bulge. Bending over the ball stretch offers sufficient space to the vertebrae which are connected with your affected disc to stretch and relax.

Bending Over Ball Stretch

3. Back Stretch Spinal Extension

By performing back stretch spinal extension exercise, you get a great relief from the pain resulting due to the disc bulge. Stand straight upright keeping your palms of your hands on your hips. Stretch your upper body backwards as you bend your waist in the front direction. As a result, the vertebrae on your waist are stretched effectively and pushed inwards and forwards. Get back to the initial position slowly. Perform this exercise as many times as you can.

Back Stretch Spinal Extension

4. Knee Bend Back Stretch

One of the simplest yet effective exercises to mitigate the discomfort due to disc bulge is knee bend back stretch. Lie down on the floor on your back and bend in your knees and slowing get them near your chest. Now, wrap your both the hand around the knees tightly and then raise your torso slowly towards them. Stay in this position for some minutes. It helps in stretching your vertebral column substantially and aids in relaxing your vertebral areas comprising the bulging disc. Also, this exercise aids in mitigating the pain resulting due to the bulging disc.

Knee Bend Back Stretch

5. Side Bending Flexion

Side bending flexion exercise aids in providing space to other vertebrae that are in connection with your affected disc and stretches out your spinal vertebrae. You just need to stand straight upright and slowly bend your upper body or torso sideways. Also, you can bend your torso at about 45 degrees to your lower body and waist. Make sure you bend it for about five minutes on either side for maximum necessary stretch.

Side Bending Flexion

Now that you know these five exercises for mitigating the discomfort in women resulting due to disc bulge, make sure you follow these effective exercises regularly for getting comfort and alleviating the pain.