5 Pregnancy C-Section Myths Busted

5 Pregnancy C-Section Myths Busted

5 Pregnancy C-Section Myths Busted

Most women prefer having a natural birth and considering the many advantages of the same, it is but obvious that you want to opt for the same. However, there are times when complications arise and you may require a c-section. In some cases it can be planned considering the emotional and physical state of the mother. And it also depends on the foetus health, as per the ultrasound. But there are times when it may have to done suddenly or even during labor.Nevertheless, one shouldn’t be scared of the same.

Here Are Some C-Section Facts And Myths For You-

1. Most Doctors Prefer C-Section

That is a complete myth. C-sections are done only if your physical health or the child’s health is endangered. For instance, a chord around the child’s neck can be seen during ultrasound. In such cases, doctors wouldn’t want to risk the life of the child and opt for c-section. In some cases, it may be due to breach or baby being in such a position that vaginal birth is not possible.

Most Doctors Prefer C-Section

2. C-sections Are Always Planned

Nope. At times, when the baby’s heartbeat is falling during labor or other similar complications arise, C-section might be a sudden decision. In some cases, the mother’s water may break but labor doesn’t start. While for others prolonged labor or going more than a week beyond due date can call for sudden c-section.

C-sections Are Always Planned

3. You Will Gain Weight After C-section

Not really. This depends on the kind of diet you have, lifestyle and other related factors. In fact, genetics and body structure plays an important role too. Of course, the scar and a light crease over the c-section cut stays, but with right diet and exercise you can look the same, as you did prior to pregnancy.

You Will Gain Weight After C-section

4. You Cannot Exercise For 6 Months Post C-section

Again a myth. In fact, most doctors look at your stitches, recovery and other factors to give you the green signal for exercising. It can be as early as 4 weeks post the c-section or later depending on your health. But of course, what kind of exercises you can undertake immediately is decided by the doctor.

You Cannot Exercise For 6 Months Post C-section

5. You Cannot Have A Vaginal Birth Post C-section

You can have a natural or vaginal birth post the c-section too if all goes well. If there are no other complications, you can be ready for a vaginal birth post c-section. However, most doctors advise you to wait at least 2 years before you try for a normal delivery so that your body is ready to take the this pressure.

You Cannot Have A Vaginal Birth Post C-section