5 Health Problems In Women For Which Acne Works As An Indicator

Health Problems In Women For Which Acne Works As An Indicator

Acne is a skin problem that makes a woman of early or late teen very depressive if it occurs in great number around her face. Acne can attack a woman who is older also. Often acne gets dissolved automatically or sometimes it is raptured. Then it leaves a mark in face that if not taken care of properly tends to diminish the facial look of a woman. Now acne is a serious skin problem. But some health experts say that acne apart from being a problem itself  is an indicator of other problems that are taking place in various parts of the body of a woman.

Here Are 5 Health Problems In Women For Which Acne Works As An Indicator

Acne In Chin Or In Lower  Sides Of Face Indicates Hormonal Imbalances

In women if acne occurs in chin or lower sides of face then it can be indication for hormonal change or imbalance through which women go in phases like menstruation, pregnancy, menopause. Hormonal imbalance in a woman can be caused by birth control pills and stress. Lowering of stress, eating healthy fibrous foods can control this hormonal problem.

Acne in chin

Acne In Upper Part Of Cheek Indicates Lungs Problem

Health experts say that acne in a woman in upper part of cheek can be indication of  problems in lungs and respiration. If a woman smokes she can contact lungs problem easily. But if she does not smoke still living in unhealthy condition where there is air pollution and chances of passive smoking this kind of risk is higher.

Acne in upper part of cheek

Acne In Lower Part Of Cheek Indicates Dental Problem

Women, in a broader sense people generally do not give importance to problems that occur in teeth and gum until it becomes unbearable. Acne which occurs in lower part of cheek sometimes can be the indication of problem in teeth. Unhealthy food habits can cause problem in this area. Eating healthy foods like vegetables can give relief from  problems in gum and teeth.

Acne in lower part of cheek

Acne In Forehead Or Lower Forehead Indicates Problem In Heart

Heart disease is one of the dreaded diseases of today. It is seen that modern lifestyle that makes women inactive and unhealthy food particularly foods rich in fat cause heart problem. Acne in forehead particularly lower part of forehead can be indication of your heart in dire condition

Acne in forehead

Acne In Middle Part Of Chin Can Be Indication Of Bowel Disease

Mostly bowel or stomach problems occur due to bad digestion. Eating unhealthy food can cause stomach problem. That is why sometimes acne in the middle part of the chin occurs. Sometimes food related allergies also can cause this. A woman should be alert about stomach or food habit when acne occurs in middle chin.

Acne in middle part of chin