5 Prominent Risk Factors Associated With Dieting During Pregnancy!

5 Prominent Risk Factors Associated With Dieting During Pregnancy

In today’s sedentary life style, everyone is focused on shedding the extra kilos, especially this is very much true in context of women. Statics has revealed this fact as well that even the woud be mommies are trying to resort to a dieting routine by curbing some vital nutrients that can make you look over-weight during pregnancy.

But as a matter of fact, following up of extreme diet regime during the crucial phase of motherhood or pregnancy tends to cause a lot of impairment to both the mommy as well as her child and can severely put you under the stress of a complicated delivery at large. Highlighted below are the 5 prominent risk factors that are usually associated with following dieting during pregnancy. Let’s discuss all of them in detail, one-by-one:

1. Deprives The New-born Of Various Potent Nutrients:

An ideal diet plan that a new mommy needs to follow during the crucial phase of pregnancy rightly includes a nutritious diet enriched with carbohydrates, proteins along with some healthy fats and various vital minerals and vitamins. But many a time, most of the women tend to put a halt on the intake of calorie rich diet, which otherwise plays a crucial role in the healthy growth of her baby. Alongside, making your body deprived of such vital nutrients may consequently results in undernourishment of the fetus at large. So it is highly suggested that a pregnant women should aims for a nutritious and healthy diet and alongside make it a habit to drink at least 6-7 glasses of water so as to maintain the hydration level of your body and thus commendably aiding in the sound nourishment of your baby.

Deprives The New-born Of Various Potent Nutrients

2. Maximizes The Probability Of A Pre-mature Delivery:

A recent study on the health related complications during pregnancy has commendably concluded this fact that most of the pregnant women, who doesn’t consume ample nutrients during the crucial phase of pregnancy may have to suffer with incredibly innumerable health complication during delivery along with enhancing the probability of pre-mature delivery, which on the contrary are not borne of a mother who totally relies on the intake of nutritious and healthy diet and that too after small intervals.So, it needs to be understood well by a would be mommy that even if you safely deliver a pre-mature baby, she is still on the verge of going through various criticalities including breathing problems along with a long-list of innumerable behavioral problems later on his lifespan including the hearing ailments, cerebral palsy, retardation and the wide range of criticalities associated with the learning issues at large.

Maximizes The Probability Of A Pre-mature Delivery

3. May Results In Neural Birth Defects:

In a Medical Terminology, Neural birth defects precisely refers to a severe condition where in the brain and spinal cord of the new born may fail to develop in a sound and healthy manner.so, one of the best home remedy to keep this issue of Neural Birth Defect at bay just lay re stress on consuming food items that are a potent source of folic acid. Some of the prominent food stuffs enriched with folic acid incudes dark and green leafy vegetables, dried beans, Peanuts, oranges and much more.

May Results In Neural Birth Defects

4. May Also Accounts For The Thyroid Disorder:

Most of the women while in their crucial phase of pregnancy keeps a cut on the iodine intake as well, that tend be the reason for various impending health complications. This implies to the simple fact that when a newly born baby fails to get adequate amount of iodine while in the womb of her mother, then this will ultimately leads to the improper development of the Thyroid gland, which can further foster various other severe health complications including hypothyroidism and cretinism as well.

May Also Accounts For The Thyroid Disorder

5. Badly Affects The Health Of A New Mommy:

Nevertheless, opting for dieting during the pregnancy can become quite harmful for the health of the baby in particular long with the new mommy in general. Factually speaking, optig for curbing a diet lacking a potent amount of carbohydrates, calcium or protein can lead to several severe health complications for a pregnant lady, which precisely includes diabetes, kidney failure, heart ailments and much more. This is precisely attributed to the improper nourishment that a pregnant lady will get while opting for dieting.

Badly Affects The Health Of A New Mommy

So, to conclude we can say that every pregnant women needs to very well understand the utility of taking a well-nourished diet during this optimal phase of her life. This simply means that whatever diet regime you are following during pregnancy can directly influence your new born. So, it’s highly recommended to consult your Gynecologist for the proper information on the must take foods in your diet along with the information of those, that can be avoided at large.