5 Sign, Cause And Medical Ways To Fight Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome In Women

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome In Women

Sex is one of the most important physical activities of a human body. Healthy sex makes a human being man or woman physically healthy and in good shape. But unhealthy sex brings several sexual infections and diseases in a human being. But there is another type of sexual ailment that is called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder or PGAD. In case of women some doctors refer it as Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome or PSAS. PGAD or PSAS is a kind of sexual disease in which a man or woman suddenly feels aroused genitally without any sex related stimulation. This condition is a kind of very painful disease.This arousal sometimes stays for long period of time without showing any sign to die down experts say.

1. Sign Of PSAS

The sign of PSAS in women involves the sudden feeling of excitement that results in genital arousal. Doctors say that this happens without any possible or visible sexual stimulation. In PSAS this feeling can stay in a woman quite annoying way for a long time. According to the doctors sometimes it dies down temporarily when a woman achieves orgasm.  But return of this condition after dying down can happen in a woman with PSAS too. Doctors say that this ailment makes it hard for a woman to concentrate in a daily work that is quite boring. The sign of the disease can occur in any place like toilet, traveling in a moving vehicle. Even it is seen that a vibrating cell phone also giving birth to this condition in a woman.

Sign Of PSAS

2. Cause

According to health experts or doctors this ailment is caused by some kind of defect or irregular activities of sensory nerves. Though this cause for PSAS that is cited but doctors are not very much certain about the ailment’s exact reason. They say that more research has to be carried out on this issue. But they say that women who have reached or crossed menopause or had undergone hormone replacement medical procedure in recent past are more prone to PSAS.


Ways To Fight PSAS In Women Medically:

3. Some Medication And Psychotherapy

According to doctors this health condition can be fought by taking some medicines. Beside they say that psychotherapy also can give relief to a patient or woman with PSAS. Health experts say that medications like medicines that are used to control depression. anaesthetising gel etc can be given to contain the sign of this problem. Sometime psychotherapy like CR or cognitive restructuring also can produce positive result experts say.

Some Medication And Psychotherapy

4. Surgical Procedures

Health experts or doctors say that In some cases of Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome in women surgical procedure is sometimes seen to produce positive result. One such procedure is done to contain the problem of pelvic arterial-venous malformation that branches to clitoris in case of a woman. Another surgical procedure though not very often done to fight pudendal nerve entrapment also can help in this issue experts say. But at the same time experts say that effectiveness of this surgery for long time is doubtful.

Surgical Procedures

5. Medical Process To Control Nicotine Addiction

Doctors say that medical procedure which is applied to contain nicotine addiction also can be effective in the health problem like PSAS. But it is a more recent development they say. According to them a particular medicine called varenicline which is given to contain nicotine addiction has seen to be working effectively to subdue persistent genital arousal disorder or persistent sexual arousal syndrome in women.

Medical Process To Control Nicotine Addiction