5 Signs And Major Steps To Deal Cardiomyopathy In Women

Signs And Major Steps To Deal Cardiomyopathy In Women

Different organ of human body carries out different and major body functions. These works keep a human body alive. Heart is one of the major organs that supply oxygenated blood, nutrients to different part of the body. There are several ailments that can happen to a human heart. Sometimes heart muscles develop problem that makes it difficult for a heart to pump in a normal way. This in turn makes it problematic  for a heart to supply oxygen to different part or organ of the body. This problem of heart muscle is called cardiomyopathy. A pregnant woman can be victim of this disease during or in post pregnancy too. Cardiomyopathy is a serious disease of heart that can even lead to failure of heart. That is why early detection is very necessary.

Signs Of Cardiomyopathy:

For early detection you have to look out for or remain cautious about some signs of this disease. The symptoms or signs of cardiomyopathy is not alarming in early stages but as the disease progresses the signs tend to occur frequently or alarmingly. The major sign is difficulty in breathing even while you are resting or lying down. Doctors say that cough can take place while lying down too. In this heart problem accumulation of fluid can happen in your abdomen. Besides your ankles, legs and feet can be swollen too. A person can have chest pain in this disease. Rapid heartbeat that seems like chest pounding can occur also. A woman with this health problem can feel weak and sense of dizziness or lightheadedness can occur too. Heath experts say that in this heart disease loosing entire sense also can be possible.

Signs Of Cardiomyopathy

Below Are 4 Major Steps To Deal With Cardiomyopathy:

1. Loose Weight If You Are Obese

If you are a bit obese, feel or notice some signs noted above and suspect problem in your heart then it is time to contact your doctor. Doctors say that this heart problem or any other heart related disease is somewhat connected to overweight. You have to loose your excess weight. For this your doctor is the best person to advice you. In a word regular physical activity is very necessary so that you can’t gather excess weight.

Loose Weight If You Are Obese

2. Eat Healthy Foods

With exercise or maintaining weight you have to emphasize eating healthy foods. Healthy foods mean fresh vegetables and lots of fruits. Whole grains is also necessary. With this you have to control the intake of some necessary food elements too. This include particularly salt. Experts say that a woman should maintain an intake of salt or sodium within or less 1500 milligram regularly. This keeps heart healthy. For this you can contact a health expert or nutrition expert also.

Eat Healthy Foods

3. Manage Your Stress

Excessive pressure or stress works hand in hand with heart disease. So doctors always advice to manage or get control over excess stress. In this regard you have to learn to manage your stress. For this rest is absolutely necessary. A good rest or sleep can strengthen your heart and keeps it healthy.

Manage Your Stress

4. Quit Alcohol And Smoking

Taking alcohol and smoking heavily on a regular basis can give birth to serious health issues in a woman or man. This include heart disease. So doctors always advise to curtail or quit smoking entirely. Health experts say that if you drink alcohol regularly it can cause problem of cardiomyopathy in you. Doctors advice to  restrict the drinking also if you have this heart problem. According to doctors the level of the restriction depends on the type of cardiomyopathy you have.

Quit Alcohol And Smoking