5 Simple Ways You Can Prevent Ovarian Cyst

Simple Ways You Can Prevent Ovarian Cyst

Ovarian cyst is a common problem in menstruating women. Although most of these cysts are harmless, large ovarian cysts cause pelvic and abdominal pain and discomfort. In the worst case, the ovarian cyst ruptures, leading to internal bleeding and severe pain. A large ovarian cyst can even dislocate the ovary.

Exposure to excess estrogen is primarily responsible for the development of ovarian cysts. However, the normal estrogen balance of your body can be restored and the risk of ovarian cysts can be reduced in the following ways.

Here Are The 5 Simple Ways You Can Prevent Ovarian Cyst:

Avoid Paraben

Paraben is a preservative widely used in skin care products. Because of its estrogen-like activity, it is known as a xenoestrogen. When you use cosmetic containing paraben, your skin absorbs this chemical, which enters your blood stream and acts like the estrogen hormone. Paraben accumulating in your blood exposes your ovarian tissues to excess estrogen, which over time stimulates development of ovarian cysts.

Avoid Paraben

Avoid Plastic Bottles

Plastic contains BPA, a chemical with estrogen-like property. Although BPA-free plastic bottles are available, studies have shown that they too contain chemicals that mimic the human estrogen. Storing water and food in plastic bottles and containers often leaches these estrogenic chemicals. The synthetic estrogens on entering the body increases unwanted estrogenic activity in your body, which leads to ovarian cysts. To prevent ovarian cysts avoid storing food and water in plastic containers.

Avoid Plastic Bottles

Reduce Soy Intake

Soy is a rich source of plant estrogens. Although the soy estrogens are considered harmless when consumed in small amounts, in women with a history of ovarian cysts, intake of soy products increases the risk of developing ovarian cysts. To prevent ovarian cysts, consume soy products in moderation.

Soya Foods

Quit Smoking

Studies have shown that smoking increases the risk of developing ovarian cysts. The toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke disrupt the normal activities of estrogen hormone and causes hormonal imbalance, which makes women vulnerable to ovarian cysts.

Quit Smoking

Lose Excess Body Weight

A high body mass index is associated with higher risk of ovarian cyst. Adipose tissue is a source of estrogen. Overweight and obese women tend to have higher level of estrogen than women with normal body mass index. The excess estrogen production stimulates growth of ovarian cysts. Hence, by losing weight, you can prevent ovarian cysts.