5 Steps To Do The Butterfly Exercise During Pregnancy

 Butterfly Exercise During Pregnancy

Pregnancy leads to a lot of hormonal changes in a woman’s body. She goes through a lot of physical and mental strain. The age old custom of resting through the whole nine months is not recommended any more. Doctors are now suggesting ways to keep active throughout pregnancy with some slow physical exercises to ease labour.Yoga is the best and the safest form of exercise when one is pregnant.

However you should consult your doctor before doing these exercises because not all the postures are recommended during pregnancy. Every trimester will have some precautions to follow while exercisingThe Butterfly exercise is one of the yoga postures which is safe and can be done all throughout one’s pregnancy. It strengthens the muscles and also the entire pelvic area which gets you prepared for labour. These few steps should be followed while doing the Butterfly exercise which is also called the Titli asana or the Patangasana in yogic terms.

5 Steps To Do The Butterfly Exercise During Pregnancy:

Preparing For The Butterfly Exercise

Yoga should always be practised on a hard surface. It is advised to invest in a yoga mat which is anti- skid and also lets you sit comfortably. So first sit erect without bending your back and straighten your legs before you.

Preparing For The Butterfly Exercise

The Sitting Posture

Gradually bend both your knees and gently push your knees to point to opposite directions. Now bring your feet towards your pelvic bone and join them. Pull them as closer to your groin as you can. During pregnancy one should refrain from pulling too much and too harsh. As soon as you feel any discomfort get back to the normal sitting posture and relax for some time. You can try the Butterfly posture again in a few minutes.

The sitting posture

The Butterfly Exercise

Once you are comfortable in your posture you can now begin with the exercise. Press your knees towards the floor with the help of both your hands. An experienced yoga practitioner can easily touch the knees to the floor. However if you have not been practising yoga for long it may take some time for you to get that level of flexibility. You should press your knees as much as you can and stop as soon as you face pain

The Butterfly exercise

Repeat The Butterfly Exercise

Keep pressing your knees up and down as many times as you can. Refrain from doing any jerky movements. Keep the process slow and enjoy the comfort and relief that this asana offers. However as soon as you feel the slightest bit of pain or discomfort you should stop exercising immediately. Also one should take this exercise gradually and increase the number of counts slowly each day.

Repeat the Butterfly exercise

The Half Butterfly Or The Ardha Titli Asana

For those women who face discomfort even after repeatedly trying to do the exercise can practise the Half Butterfly exercise instead. In this yoga asana you need to do the exercise in exactly the same way but with one leg at a time. So keep one leg stretched and bend the other one. Let the feet touch the groin. Now move your knees up and down slowly as many times as you can. After you are done with one leg, switch over to the other leg. Once you do this for a few days you will find it easier to try the Butterfly pose.

The Half Butterfly Or The Ardha Titli Asana

Yoga is not only a form of exercise but a very good stress buster. After every exercise one should lie down with palms facing up and relax to get the breathing back to normal. During pregnancy staying fit not only eases labour but also helps keep a check on your weight. Staying healthy and active all through your pregnancy is not only beneficial to you but also to the little one inside your womb.