5 Steps A Woman Should Take To Treat Or Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

Steps To Treat Or Prevent Urinary Tract Infection

The act of passing urine is a very important body function that excludes harmful toxins from body. Kidney is the main organ that carries out this work of passing urine in a man or woman. The other important parts which help the kidneys in this work are ureters, bladder and urethra. Any inflammatory disese that occurs in any one of these parts is called urinary tract infection or UTI. Mainly infections that occur in urethra, bladder fall in UTI category. When kidneys are attacked then it becomes more severe form of UTI.

Men as well as women are attacked by UTIs. But as women have opening of urethra close to their anus they are more vulnerable to bacteria caused UTIs. Health experts say that harmful bacteria easily attack urethra of women as the length of urethra is short in women. These harmful agents also can travel to other parts of urinary tract and even attack kidneys too. The symptoms of UTIs involve dark colored or bloody urine, burning sensation during urination, pain in back or lower abdomen, tiredness etc. Chilliness and fever start to show up when kidneys are affected.

Here Are 5 Steps A Woman Should Take To Treat Or Prevent UTIs

Consult A Doctor

When symptoms of UTIs start to show up it is always good if a woman consult a physician. Physician can evaluate a patient. He or she can ask for urine test to diagnose the ailment properly and then start the treatment accordingly. There are antibiotics to deal with such infections. Doctor can ask to drink lots of water that can help in UTIs also.

Consult A Doctor

Maintain Certain Health And Hygiene Issues

Health experts ask women to maintain certain health or hygiene issues that can prevent UTIs from taking place. These include drinking lots of water, whenever you feel the urge to urinate do not suppress it just empty the bladder completely, while bathing take shower instead of bath, make your gemtials clean before sex and after sex go to the bathroom and try to urinate ( this will flush out some bacteria). Besides health experts urge women to forsake some products like scented bath products, douches and hygiene sprys etc to prevent irritation in UTIs. Moreover some birth control products like diaphragm, spermicidal jelly etc are also to be avoided for the same reason.

Maintain Certain Health And Hygiene Issues

Remain Dry And Wear Loose Clothes

Harmful agents like bacteria always thrive in places which are unclean and moist. So health experts say that a woman must always remain clean. She must always wipe out the groin area from front to back. At the same time she must remain dry always. With these a woman must wear loose fitting clothes made of cotton. Wearing tight jeans and nylon underwear can make bacteria grow in genital area.

Remain Dry And Wear Loose Clothes

Use Apple Cider Vinegar In UTI

Apple cider vinegar is a natural thing that has amazing anti inflammatory quality that helps in reducing infection in human beings. All a woman has to do is to mix one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water and drink it at least twice a day for some days to have proper result. She can add lemon juice or honey with the solution also.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar In UTI

Hot Water Compress Also Provides Relief

Health experts request a woman to take a hot water bag and fill it with mild warm water. Then the woman must put it in her lower abdomen and keep it there for a few minutes. She has to repaeat this procedure from time to time until situation improves. Hot water gives relief in inflammation. It also keeps bacteria from creating more discomfort.

Hot Water Compress Also Provides Relief