5 Symptom, Causes And Ways To Fight Vaginismus In Women

Ways To Fight Vaginismus In Women

The role muscles play in a human body is very important and immense. In most cases a man or woman can control movement of muscles in different parts of the body. But there are certain cases in which muscle movement occurs in a human body involuntarily. Batting of eyelids is almost such a movement. If some thing approaches an eye, eye shuts down to prevent damage. But in case of vagina in a female body sometimes such an involuntary movement of muscle occurs that prevents a male organ to penetrate the vagina. This condition is known as vaginismus.

Doctors or heath experts say that a particular muscle called pebucoccygenus muscle or PC muscle is responsible for this. If this health problem occurs in a woman it certainly prevents the woman and her partner to enjoy ultimate intimate moment in life. It affects a family life too. Consulting a doctor is the only solution in this problem.


Pain is the only symptom of this health condition. A woman only realizes that she has vaginismus at the time of penetration during sex with her partner. In this health condition the male partner finds it difficult to enter the female and the woman feels pain as if something is hitting her. Sometimes a woman with this problem feels pain while putting a tampon in vagina or at the time of vaginal examination by a doctor.



There are different causes behind two different types of vaginismus. The first type is primary vaginismus. This type is normally seen in women who just have crossed teen age. This type occurs without pain. Health experts say that primary causes are ailments like yeast infection in vagina, urinary tract infection , vulvar vestibulitis syndrome etc. Besides this, mental stress, some kind of anxiety or fear sometimes give birth to this health condition also. Experts say that strong religious belief, trauma in past, incident like physical torture, abuse or sexual assault etc also can cause this particular type in women.



The second type is secondary vaginismus. In this a woman who does not have any previous problem suddenly finds it occurring in her. As a result achieving vaginal penetration sexual or otherwise becomes difficult for her. Experts or doctors say that ailments like yeast infection can be responsible for this. Other causes include childbirth, menopause etc. Apart from these mental condition or psychological state of a woman also sometimes contribute to this this type experts say.

Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Vaginismus In Women:

1. Consult A Doctor

If you feel frequent pain in vagina at the time of penetration sexual or otherwise in nature you have to consult a physician for this. The doctor will check you, evaluate you then suggest how to fight this condition. If there is any ailment causing this problem then medications will be suggested. There are some good modern medicines that can take care of problem causing muscles in pelvic region also. But only a doctor can suggest this.

Consult A Doctor

2. Psychological Therapy Also Helps

If your problem is of psychological in nature then consulting a person who can provide psychological therapy or counseling is the best idea. You can contact a psychologist also. But first of all it is necessary to determine that your problem has root in your mental state.

Psychological Therapy Also Helps

3. Kegel Exercise Can Make Things Better

Health experts sometimes suggest a woman with this health problem to do Kegel exercise in her home. The whole process is called progressive desensitization. As almost everybody knows that Kegel exercise is done to hold flow of urine during urination. After practicing Kegel daily for several times for some days it is suggested that you should test if some changes have come or not. For this experts ask to insert finger in vagina after lubricating it.

Kegel Exercise