5 Symptom, Causes And Ways To Fight Vulvodynia In Women

The term dynia in medical science is connected to pain. Pain is a health condition that can take place in almost every part or organ of the human body. Pain ranges from severe to mild in nature. The vulva region is the outer part of the one of the most important sex organs in a female body vagina. Sometimes a woman is seen feeling pain in this vulva part also. This health condition is called vulvodynia. This pain can be constant or sometimes takes place occasionally. Doctors say that it can occur or disappear suddenly also. But it can also continue for months or even longer. A woman with constant vulvodynia can slowly become victim of psychological problem like depression or other family problem too. She has to consult a doctor to fight it.


The major symptom of vulvodynia is a kind of pain in vulva area. This pain sometimes can involve the whole vulva region. Then this is called involveGeneralized vulvodynia. The same kind of pain on the other hand sometimes occurs in the mouth of vagina and it takes place when some kind of pressure is given to the area. This local condition is called vestibulodynia or vulvar vestibulitis. Now this pain in vulva region can occur in different forms. Sometimes it is burning in nature. Sometimes it can be itching, throbbing and sharp like stinging pain too. The area vulva can look like slightly swollen or red. Doctors or health experts say that this ailment can take place at different occasion like when a woman is exercising, having sex with her partner, riding horse or bike etc. Even it is seen that sitting in a particular position for a long time can also cause this.




According to health experts or doctors exact cause of this health condition can’t be told for certain. But this health condition may be caused by some sort of infection like yeast in vagina. Besides trauma or injury to nerves in the vagina, some kind of allergy, muscle movement, changes in hormone etc  can give birth to this health problem in women too. Besides psychological anxiety or stress due to some catastrophic incident in past also can cause this. Sometimes experts say that having antibiotics very often can cause this ailment in a woman also.

Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Vulvodynia In Women:

1. Take The Help Of A Doctor

If such pain talked above in your outer vagina is troubling you for sometime then it is time to consult a doctor preferably a gynecologist. The doctor will talk to you , evaluate your condition. He or she can examine you, do some tests if needed, then move accordingly. There are medications for different types of ailments that can be responsible for vulvodynia. A doctor is the best person who only can show you the right way to come out of this problem.

Take The Help Of A Doctor

2. Try To Avoid Tight Clothes

Experts say that wearing skin hugging tight cloths like jeans etc can cause moisture in vulva, stops ventilation or air flow in that area. As a result skin infection can take place that can cause pain or itching in the area. That is why wearing loose cloths is one of the best ways to fight this problem. Health experts even request women to sleep without wearing tight fitting underwear at night if it can be done.


Try To Avoid Tight Clothes

3.  Wash The Area With Plain Clean Water

According to health experts in this health problem washing the body part with just clean plain water is the best way. All you have to do is to let the water wash your body part. Rubbing the sensitive area forcefully is a must no no. It will increase the discomfort only. After washing the area with clean water a woman has to dry it gently. You can apply a thing like petroleum jelly in the area too. But use it after consulting your health advisor.