5 Symptoms And Steps To Avoid Kidney Cancer In Women

Symptoms And Steps To Avoid Kidney Cancer In Women

Different vital organ of a human body performs different type of  work that makes human body fit and healthy. Some organs detoxify human body from harmful toxins. Kidney is one of such organs. Like other organs kidney also can have different ailments including cancer. The most common type of kidney cancer is called renal cell carcinoma. Doctors say that renal cell carcinoma occurs in tubules of kidney. If this cancer is early detected starting proper medical procedure can fight the disease with positive result. Undetected renal cell carcinoma can spread to other parts of  body too.

According to doctors the exact cause of kidney cancer is not known. But change or mutation in the DNA of kidney cells can give birth to rapid development or division of kidney cells. Abnormal development of kidney cells can ultimately give birth to renal cell carcinoma.

1. Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer

Doctors say that major symptom of kidney cancer includes blood in the urine. the  color of urine can be red, pink or dark cola color. Along with this there can be pain in your back that does not die down. Doctors say that a woman with kidney cancer can have fever or increased body temperature also. This fever remains for weeks. Apart from these unexplained decrease in body weight takes place in this ailment too. A man or woman who has kidney cancer can feel extremely tired experts state. Doctors also say that in this ailment a woman can have swelling in her legs and ankles too. Besides there are some other signs that can show up if this cancer spreads to other parts of body. These signs include ache in bone, blood in cough. Difficulty in breathing also can take place in advanced stage of kidney cancer experts state.

Symptoms Of Kidney Cancer

Here Are 4 Steps To Avoid Kidney Cancer In A Woman:

2. Control Blood Pressure

Controlling hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the main steps to avoid kidney cancer doctors say. Experts have found relation between high blood pressure and this kidney ailment. So if you are a bit old, nearing middle age or have crossed middle age and have high blood pressure then control it. Consult with your doctor and bring changes to your lifestyle if necessary.

Control Blood Pressure

3. Decrease Body Weight

Like controlling hypertension controlling obesity is also a necessary step to ward off kidney cancer. Increasing body weight increases the risk of kidney cancer in you doctors say. So reducing body weight is must to hold kidney cancer at bay. If you are obese, do some exercise on regular basis so that you loose extra pounds. For this consult a doctor or health expert.

Decrease Body Weight

4. Quit Smoking

Doctors or heath experts emphasize on quitting smoking to avoid heath problem like kidney cancer. They state that smoking is seen to be a great risk factor of this dreaded health problem. People who smokes regularly are more vulnerable to kidney cancer along with other serious health problems than non smokers. So quitting smoking is extremely necessary to keep kidney free of this health issue experts say.

Quit Smoking

5. Remain Cautious About Some Genetic Ailments

Remaining cautious about certain diseases which are genetic in nature can make you alert enough to avoid kidney cancer in life. These genetic diseases are familial papillary renal cell carcinoma, von Hippel-Lindau disease or VHL, tuberous sclerosis etc.These are inherited diseases experts say. If you have any of these problems then you are running at a risk of kidney cancer experts say. So remain a bit cautious from early on.