5 Symptoms And Ways To Fight Appendicitis In Women

There are some body parts though little in number which present in human body do not have much function. But if disease develops in these body parts can cause immense trouble to a human being. Appendix is such a body part. Appendix, a finger like small protrusion from colon is located in lower right side of abdomen. Doctors are not sure about what exactly this thing does but if it is inflamed it causes trouble to a man or woman.

Mostly young people from age of 10 to 30 get appendicitis. If appendix lining somehow develops a problem infection can take place. In an infected appendix bacteria growth takes place rapidly. As a result pus can develop in appendix too. Complication arises if infected appendix ruptures somehow. Sometimes it becomes life thretening also.

Symptoms Of Appendicitis

The most common symptom of appendicitis is abdominal pain. Doctors say that this pain starts from navel region that extends to lower right abdomen. In case of pregnant women this pain occurs in upper part of abdomen. Experts also say that if a person with appendicitis makes hurried body movement this pain gets very bad. With pain nausea or vomiting can occur in this disease. A person looses his or her desire of eating in appendicitis. Apart from these other signs in this health preoblem involve swelling in abdomen, difficulty in passing flatus or gas and mild fever too.

Symptoms Of Appendicitis

Here Are 4 Ways To Fight Appendicitis In Women

1. Consult A Physician Immediately

You are feeling a pain in your lower right abdomen for few days that gets worse with some sudden body move. With this if you are having symptoms stated above you must consult a physician immediately. The physician will evaluate you. Check you from outside. He or she can ask you to carry out some tests to determine the disease exactly. Appendicitis can be fought with medicines. But in some cases surgery is also needed. Your doctor is the best person to help you in this amtter.

Consult A Physician Immediately

2. Maintain Some Simple Health Rules In This Problem

Doctors or health experts ask to maintain some simple health habit or simple habits in problem like appendicitis. The main sign of the disease is abdominal pain. This pain gets bad with sudden hurried body movement, vigorous cough and laughing. Health experts ask a person to  start movement or work slowly so that pain does not get bad. With this always try to control laughing and coughing loudly.

Maintain Some Simple Health Rules In This Problem

3. Fiber Rich Foods Help

Modern medical researches have shown that people who suffer from constipation can develop health problem like appendicitis. Constipation is a health condition that can bring many health related problems to a human being apart from appendicitis. That is why eating fiber rich foods  regularly is necessary. These foods can drive constipation away food experts say. A woman should eat fresh green vegetables with leaves and fruits. There are foods like carrots, beans, cucumber, tomato, sunflower seeds etc which are rich in fiber too.

Fiber Rich Foods Help

4. Eat Garlic Regularly

There are some foods found in nature which are helpful in combating problem like appendicitis food experts say. Garlic is such a common and well known food that has amazing anti inflammatory quality. Garlic is a food that can be used easily in regular food preparations. Besides eating 2 or 3 raw garlic cloves daily befor eatinge anything also helps. There are garlic capsules found in the market. But a woman can use these after consulting a physician.

Eat Garlic Regularly