5 Symptoms, Cause, Risk Factors And Ways To Fight Trichomoniasis In Women

Sex is one of the important life activities that helps in progress of society. But sometimes sex brings various physical ailments to a human being if he or she indulges in uncontrolled or unprotected sexual activity. There are several sexually transmitted infections or STIs. Trichomoniasis is one of such STIs. Trichomoniasis can occur in men as well as women. When symptoms start to occur if prompt medical help is not taken then it can affect reproductive system of women as well as men. The result can be infetility.

Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis

Doctors or health experts say that it takes a few days to signs for trichomoniasis to occur. A woman can feel itching, irritation, burning sensation in her genital area. It can get red also. The woman can feel pain while urinating in this disease. She too can have pain during intercourse. The most noticeable symptom that occurs in trichomoniasis is the color or odor of vaginal discharge. The color can become either white, grey, yellow or green. With this the odor is unpleasant. Experts say that the volume of discharge is great too in this health condition.

Symptoms Of Trichomoniasis

Cause & Risk Factors

According to health experts disease like trichomoniasis is the work of a parasite or single cell protozoa. The disease takes place through unprotected sexual activity. A person with this disease if does sex without protection with an uninfected person the parasite travels to the body of the uninfected person.  It takes 5 to at least 28 days for the disease to take its full form.

It can be easily understood that doing sex without prtection can bring trichomoniasis or any other STI. Besides a person who has more than one partner and a person who had history of trichomoniasis or any other STI then he or she is running at a risk of getting the disease easily.

Cause & Risk Factors Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Trichomoniasis In Women

1. Take The Help Of A Physician

If you have any of the risk factors stated above and one or more symptoms then you should not loose a moment. Consult or take the help of a physician immediately. Modern medical science has made it more easy and fast enough to determine trichomoniasis. There are good medicines that can fight this STI effectively. It is already stated that if the disease is left unattended then complication like infertility can occur. A pregnant woman can have premature baby or the baby can have physical complication if the delivery is normal.

Consult The Doctor Immediately

2. Maintain Some Health Issues During Medical Help

If you have trichomoniasis and under medical help or procedure to fight the disease you should maintain some simple health issues. Complete the full course of oral medicines prescribed. Until you feel healed completely and signs or symptoms are vanished, kindly do not engage in sex. Ask your partner to see a doctor to check whether the person has contacted the disease already or not.

Maintain Some Health Issues During Medical Help

3. Always Practice Safe Sex

If you have a single partner or more than one partner and if you do not want to get pregnant then practicing protected sex is always healthy. Practicing safe sex can make you remain free of  STIs. Urge your partner to do the same also.

Always Practice Safe Sex