5 Symptoms, Causes And Factors That Risk Bradycardia In Women


Bradycardia In Women

Of all major organs that keep a human being alive and healthy necessity of heart among them can’t be ignored. This organ beats in a human chest and pumps oxygen rich blood to different part of the body. Heart beats from 60 to 100times per minute. This is normal doctors say. But sometimes heart beats less than 60 times per minute. This condition is called bradycardia. Doctors say that if a heart beats slowly then it can face difficulty in pumping blood properly to other parts of the body. If this takes place a man or woman can have serious health problem. But in some cases persons like young adults, sportspersons sometimes have slow heart rate and that is normal. In other cases bradycardia can be the start of a bigger health issue that must be attended medically as soon as it is diagnosed.

1. Symptoms Of Bradycardia

According to doctors loosing consciousness is major symptom of bradycardia. This is termed as syncope medically. Other notable signs of this heart problem include chest pain that lasts for more than a few minutes, feeling dizzy. Along with these a woman with bradycadia can feel weakness in her too. She can be fatigued or become tired easily after doing some regular work. Health experts say that symptoms can include difficulty in breathing also. In some people memory loss or a sense of confusion also can occur in this heart ailment.

Symptoms Of Bradycardia

2. Causes

Doctors say that the major cause of bradycardia is the problem in the natural pacemaking system in a human heart. When some kind of blockage occurs in the electrical system of the heart bradycardia takes place. It makes the heart to beat abnormally and slowly. Doctors state that problem in the sinus node and atrioventricular blocks are types of electrical system oriented problems that can cause bradycardia. Besides some diseases like high blood pressure, heart problem like myocarditis, obstructive sleep apnea, rheumatic fever, iron concentration  in organs known as hemochromatosis etc also can give birth to this health issue in a man or woman.


Below Are 3 Factors That Can Risk Bradycardia In A Woman:

3. Old Age

Old age is the primary risk factor of this heart problem doctors say. As a¬† woman or person ages his or her vital organs slowly start to age with the person too. There come changes to these organs. Doctors say that when you are at old age your heart can’t perform like it had worked when you were young. That is why you have to remain cautious about this disease once you come to this old age.

Old Age

4. Smoking And Heavy Drinking

Smoking cigarette, drinking alcohol is one of the major risk factors of bradycardia experts state too. People who smoke are open to contact several serious types of heath related problems including this heart issue. At the same time a woman or man who drinks heavily is running at a risk of getting bradycardia too. To remain free of this heath problem you need to build up a good food habit that supplies enough nutrition to the heath. At the same time you need to quit or control smoking and drinking alcohol.

Smoking And Heavy Drinking

5. Mental Stress Or Tension

According to doctors excessive mental stress, pressure, tension or anxiety can be a major risk factor for this type of heart related problem. Excess stress makes your heart weak and if you are an aged person then it can be even riskier for you. So you have to have control over your stress always. To remain calm or take control over stress some people build up a habit of taking Recreational Drug. This type of substance can cause heath problem like bradycardia in long run experts say.

Mental Stress Or Tension