5 Symptoms, Causes And Ways To Fight Bartholin’s Cyst In Women

Ways To Fight Bartholin's Cyst

Vagina in a woman’s body is the primary sex organ that plays a great role in sexual activity. For healthy and normal sexual activity the vagina needs to get lubricated during every sex. There are two tiny glands underneath skin in libia portion of vagina that helps in this lubrication. These glands are called Bartholin gland. This gland has tiny ducts through which liquid secrets that makes the vagina wet. But sometimes these ducts get blocked and type of cyst forms on the mouth of the duct. The condition is called Bartholin’s cyst. Doctors say that in most cases this cyst remains small and does not create any problem and goes away. But sometimes it gets inflamed and becomes infected. Then complications start to show up. This condition is known as Bartholin gland abscess.

In Such Case A Woman Has To Consult A Physician To Fight The Problem:


An inflamed Batholin’s cyst gives birth to some symptoms in a woman. The woman can have fever in her. This fever can accompany feeling of chilliness too. In this health condition the outer part of vagina is swollen, the cyst or lump gets a bit big in size and  as a result a woman can feel discomfort while walking or sitting on something. Pain can also occur. Sex becomes uncomfortable specially a woman feels pain during vaginal penetration. Watery  material can come out of the cyst too.



The main cause that is responsible for growth of cyst in Bartholin gland duct is the accumulation of fluid in the mouth of the glands. Health experts say that the fluid that secrets from these gland or glands gathers on the mouth pf the duct creating the problem. But normally this cyst condition dies or subsides on its own. Problem arises when it gets infected. Doctors say that some bacteria are responsible for infected Bartholin’s cyst. One of such bacteria is Escherichia Coli that is commonly known as E-coli. Besides the bacteria responsible for some STIs or sexually transmitted infections such as chlamydia, gonorrhea can cause this health condition in a woman also.


Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Bartholin;s Cyst In Women:

1. Contact A Physician

It is told earlier that a normal cyst does not pose any problem and dies on its own. But an infected and  overgrown cyst does create problem in a woman. If you are feeling pain or other symptoms talked above kindly consult a doctor. The doctor will talk to you and check you. The most common test is pelvic exam. Then he or she will move accordingly. There are good antibiotics that can fight the trouble creating cyst. Sometimes surgical drainage of pus is needed to give comfort more rapidly. The doctor is the best person to help you in this.

Contact A Physician

2. Taking Sitz Bath Helps

Fill up a tub only a few inches with warm water. Then bathe in it. Do this for several times in a day. Continue this for a few days. Experts say that this procedure known as Sitz bath makes  Bartholin’s cyst with pus to burst open. This can help a woman to get rid of this ailment if the cyst is not big in nature.

Taking Sitz Bath Helps

3. Practicing Safe Sex Is Necessary

Health experts say that formation of a cyst in Bartholin’s gland is quite normal and it cn’t be avoided. But  a woman must take some steps so that this kind of rather harmless heath condition does not get  infected. Practicing safe sex is a necessary step for this health experts say. Use of a condom during sex can help in this. Besides remaining healthy and clean also can make you strong against such health problem experts state.

Practicing Safe Sex Is Necessary