5 Symptoms, Causes And Ways To Fight Cervicitis In Women

Uterus is a very important organ in a woman that works as womb. Uterus like other female or human organs can develop several illness also. These illnesses can involve any part of uterus or female reproductive system. Cervix, the lower narrow part of uterus that connects  vaginal canal can get inflamed due to various reasons. This health condition is called cervicitis or inflammation of cervix in women. If medical help is not taken when symptoms show up complication may arise that can put a woman into  deep- trouble.

Symptoms Of Cervicitis:

Doctors or health experts say that sometimes cervicitis does not produce any symptoms. But when it produces signs the major symptom that shows up is vaginal discharge in great volume. This discharge can have the color of green, brown or yellow. The smell  of this discharge can be unplasant too.

Apart from discharge a woman can feel pain during passing urine. She can feel an urge to go to bathroom to urinate frequently. Pain can be felt while doing intercourse too. Abnormal bleeding can take place from vagina after doing sex in this health condition. Sometimes though it is rare there is fever and pain in pelvic region in a woman with cervicitis also.

Symptoms Of Cervicitis


Now there are certain factors which are responsible for cervicitis in women. The most common cause is attack of agents like virus and bacteria in vagina. This attack causes sexually transmitted infections like chlamydia, trichomoniasis, gonorrhea etc. These infections can give birth to problem like cervicitis in a woman. There are some good bacteria that exist in vagina too.

Sometimes bad bacteria takes hold over these and cause bacterial vaginosis that in turn can give birth to cervicitis. Besides modern women use various types of birth control devices and things like douches, diaphragm, spermicides etc. These things can cause allergic problem in vagina. This allergic peoblem can cause cervicitis in a woman also.


Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Cervicitis In Women:

1. Consult A Doctor Immediately

It is already mentioned that if a woman notices few of the symptoms like above for sometimes and does not contact a doctor then it can cause complication in long run. This complication may involve problem like infertility also. That is why a woman with few signs should contact a doctor or specialist immediately. The doctor will check the patient and carry out tests to determine the disease exactly. There are good antibiotics and anti viral medicines available to fight cervicitis.

Consult A Doctor Immediately

2. Protection In Sex Is Always Necessary

Doctors and health experts always urge women to remain a bit cautious always when it comes to do sex. Experts say that sex activities should always remain controlled and within a single known partner. Still while doing sex protection is always necessary so that no infection that can cause problem like cervicitis takes place. If somehow you notice any discharge or other problem in sex organ of your partner then it is better not to have sex with your partner.

Protection In Sex Is Always Necessary

3. Use Female Products With Caution

Experts also state that female hygiene products and birth control devices like scented soaps, douches, tampons, diaphragm, spermicides etc can cause allergy to vagina which in turn can give birth to problem like cervicitis. So a woman who uses these products should control using these. She can talk to her health advisor in this regard also.

Use Female Products With Caution