5 Symptoms, Causes And Ways To Fight Dyspareunia In women

Symptoms, Causes And Ways To Fight Dyspareunia In women

Sex is one of the most important physical activities that helps in the progress of the society. Vaginal penetration is the ultimate step through which orgasm is achieved and satisfaction comes to a man and a woman in sex. But it is seen that this sexual penetration in vagina sometimes is causing pain to a woman. This pain sometimes is felt immediate before penetration, during strokes or in between intercourse and after when the intercourse is completed. This health condition in woman is called dyspareunia or pain during intercourse. There are different natures of this pain. But if it occurs frequently it can harm your best intimate moments with your partner. As a result problem can occur in family life too. Consulting a physician in this kind of problem is the best idea.


There are different kind of symptoms that occur in different forms of pain in dyspareunia. It is already told that this health condition or pain can occur at the very beginning just while a male partner is entering his female partner. A woman can feel very intense pain in the middle of intercourse when strokes or thrusts are going on. Sometimes this pain tales the form of throbbing ache in nature. This lasts for hours after the sexual penetration. Instead of throbbing pain a woman can feel pain that is burning or kind of itching in nature also. Doctors say that sometimes dyspareunia becomes so irritating that you can even feel it while putting on a tampon in the vagina.



Like different forms of pain different causes are responsible for two main types of intercourse or sexual penetration that can cause pain. First of all in case of penetration at entry level pain can be felt because of minimum lubrication of vagina. It can occur due to lack of foreplay during sex, menopause, just after child birth etc. Besides this, doctors say that different kind of diseases like inflammatory infectious diseases like some skin disease that  occur in vagina, ailment like vaginismus, defect in vagina from  birth etc. Some kind of injury or trauma sometimes can cause pain at entry level intercourse also.


When the penetration level is deep during intercourse or ongoing strokes a woman can feel pain too. This can be caused by ailments like irritable bowel syndrome, PID or pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, fibroid in uterus etc. If a woman has undergone medical procedures for uterus related diseases such medical procedures like surgery etc can cause pain too. Apart from these health experts say that stress, depression etc can sometimes cause less arousal in a woman which in turn can be responsible for pain during intercourse.

Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Dyspareunia In Women

1. Consult The Doctor

If you are feeling pain of above in nature that is frequent then it is time for you to consult a doctor. Doctor is the best person who can advice you in this. He or she will listen to you and evaluate your condition, then proceed accordingly. There are medications if some physical condition or ailment is causing the problem. Otherwise you can be advised therapy, exercise etc too.

Consult The Doctor

2. Increase The Foreplay Before Penetration

Health experts say that lack of foreplay is one of the major reasons that causes dyspareunia. So talk to your partner and give emphasis on increase level of foreplay that can cause arousal and lubricate a woman’s vagina. This can cause comfort during penetration and can ease out pain. You can use lubricant too.

Increase The Foreplay Before Penetration

3. For Comfort Talk To Your Partner

Certain position makes penetration more comfortable experts say. If you are feeling pain during thrust you can ask your partner to decrease the pace of strike.At the same time you can change position and get on top. Experts say that this on top position gives comfort to a woman and eases irritation..

For Comfort Talk To Your Partner