5 Symptoms, Causes And Ways To Fight Vaginal Prolapse In Women

Healthy sex is one of the major physical activities that helps in the progress of life and society. Vagina is one of the major sex organs in a female body. But like all other organs in a human body this organ also can develop many health problems. One of such ailments occur when part of vagina sometimes slips down and comes out of the body of a woman. This condition is called vaginal prolapse. Not only part of vagina comes out, sometimes it is also seen that body parts like bladder, rectum, small intestine, urethra, uterus have come out of vagina too. When upper part of vagina slips down through vaginal opening the condition is called vaginal vault prolapse. This health condition can be mild to severe. In severe vaginal prolapse a woman needs to see a doctor to fight the problem.


The major symptom that occurs when vaginal prolapse takes place is a kind of sensation that something is coming out or slipping down through the body. As a result a woman can feel pressure in the lower pelvic region of her body. Sometimes a feeling of something pulpy or lumpy at the bottom can be sensed. In this ailment this uneasiness decreases when a woman lays down on bed or something. Apart from these other symptoms include pain during sexual penetration and frequent UTI or urinary tract infection. If a woman becomes victim of vaginal vault prolapse, the vaginal opening can become too wide than normal also. In other forms of vaginal protrusion or prolapse talked above the symptoms are problem in clearing bowel, problem in passing urine, constipation, occurrence of pain after standing for a long period of time etc.



According to the doctors the primary cause of this health condition is weakness in muscles or connective tissues in and around the lower or pelvic part of the body. The major reasons for this condition are difficulty in normal child birth or birth of a large baby, less level of estrogen after menopause. The uterus removal surgery or hysterectomy  is responsible for vaginal vault prolapse in women. Besides these other factors include getting aged, getting overweight, taking too much pressure of work etc. Women who have problem in muscle or connective tissues can become victims of this illness too.


Here Are 3 Ways To Fight Vaginal Prolapse In Women:

1. Contact A Doctor For Proper Advice

If you are feeling uneasiness for quite sometimes in pelvic region of body and the symptoms are like above then you should contact a physician without losing time. The doctor will evaluate your condition, he or she will carry out test to determine the exact nature and severity of the prolapse and then suggest steps to fight it. Sometimes surgery is done to fight this ailment. Sometimes doctors advice against surgery. A device called vaginal pessary is inserted in the vagina of the patient to hold protruding parts.

Contact A Doctor For Proper Advice

2. Restriction In Activities Also Helps

If your prolapse does not bothering you too much with symptoms specially like pain then restriction in activities is suggested. A woman can restrict her activities like taking too much pressure of job or lifting something heavy from floor etc to fight this ailment. Standing for too long is also forbidden.

3. Practice Kegel Exercise To Strengthen Pelvic Muscles

Health experts say that practicing Kegel exercise on regular basis helps strengthening muscles of pelvic region. Your health advisor will provide you with enough information about how to perform this exercise regularly. Normally it is done during passing of urine. Kegel provides relief in mild not too serious vaginal prolapse experts state.

Practice Kegel Exercise To Strengthen Pelvic Muscles