5 Symptoms, Causes, Risk Factors And Ways To Fight Uterine Prolapse In Women

Muscles in a human body support movement of different organs and help to keep every major body parts in shape. But sometimes these muscles tend to show weakness. As a result different heath problems regarding different organs can show up. Uterus is a major reproductive organ in a female body. Muscles hold this organ or womb in place. But it is the weakness of muscles that sometimes makes a uterus slip from its usual position and come down to the mouth of vagina. This health condition is called uterine prolapse. According to medical science there are a few degrees of this health problem that are based upon the severity. Sometimes this problem is mild and does not pose any big discomfort to a woman. But in case of severe uterine prolapse a woman has to consult a doctor.


The major symptom that shows up when this health problem occurs is feeling of something heavy is coming down in your body. A woman can feel something or some body part has come out of the vagina. Health experts say that a woman with this health problem can sense that she is sitting on something with a round shape like a ball. The lady may have problem in urinating or holding urine too. Pain in lower back also can occur in this ailment. Doctors say that this problem does not create any uneasiness in early part of the day. But as day progresses the uneasiness tends to increase.



As told earlier the major cause of uterine prolapse is the weakness of muscles in that region. there are some factors that can contribute to this weakness of the muscle. These factors or causes include birth of child or normal delivery of a large baby, difficulty during normal delivery. Besides these other factors are decrease in estrogen level after menopause, getting heavy or obesity and illnesses like continuous cough, constipation etc. Doctors say that women who have a habit of lifting heavy objects can also have this health condition.


Risk Factors

The main risk factor that can be said for this health condition is getting aged. With this women who have done one or two normal baby birth also are at a risk of getting this problem. Besides continuous coughing problem, constipation and putting too much pressure for passing feces are other risk factors of this health issue. Health experts say that if a woman has a genetic condition of weakness in connective tissue or muscle in family then she can be victim of this health problem in later life. Besides doctors also state that white women and women of Hispanic origin are seen to contact this problem frequently.

Here Are 2 Ways To Fight Uterine Prolapse In Women:

1. Consult A Doctor

Whenever you are feeling symptoms like those stated above you should consult a physician preferably a gynecologist as soon as possible. The doctor will talk to you, listen to your condition. Then he or she can carry out tests to determine the nature and severity of the problem. The most common test is the pelvic exam. There are medical ways that can fight this health hazard. One of these is the use of Vaginal pessary, a kind of a device that is placed inside a lady so that it cam hold the organ in place. In a word a doctor is the best person who can help you in this health problem.

Consult A Doctor

2. Perform Kegel Exercise Regularly

As the main reason for uterine prolapse is the weakness of muscles in lower or pelvic region, health advisors ask women to practice Kegel exercise at regular basis that can help in this problem by strengthening muscles. Kegel exercise is done during urination. You have to hold the flow of urine for at least 3 to 5 seconds then release the flow again. Experts ask to increase this time for holding urine slowly. You have to perform this exercise for a few times a day.

Perform Kegel Exercise Regularly