5 Symptoms During Late Pregnancy

5 Symptoms During Late Pregnancy Once you are pregnant and have completed the first few months of pregnancy, you feel that life can just get easier from now on. The uncomfortable symptoms of morning sickness, cravings, aversions and breast sensitivity have abated after the first trimester. People say that the second trimester is the honeymoon period of pregnancy whereas the third is just a little awkward.

Your body takes a few months to adjust to the various issues of pregnancy like different hormones and expansion. But by the 7th month things do settle down into a precise routine. Your main focus now should be on welcoming the baby to the world and making the right arrangements to look after it.

But there are so many things that other women who have become mothers do not think important to tell you. No book will reveal signs and symptoms that happen to you in late pregnancy. But do not worry because this article will tell you practical but easily curable problems that face an expectant mother in the last trimester.

Late Signs of Pregnancy

Here is a list of the most common signs of late pregnancy.


The muscles of various parts of your body start contracting and stretching alternatively in order to prepare for the birth of the baby. This can result in very uncomfortable cramps especially after you have been sitting or lying down for too long. You should try and get up to walk around a little at regular intervals to avoid this. Mineral deficiencies can also cause leg cramps (especially potassium deficiency).


This is a common complaint of mothers-to-be. Insomnia usually strikes pregnant women in the last three or weeks of pregnancy. This could also be related anxiety about the impending birth of the baby.

5 Symptoms During Late Preganancy

It is not advisable for pregnant women to take relaxants or sleep medication. So all you can do is sleep whenever you are able to, even if it is in the daytime.

Dental Problems

It is very important for you to look after your teeth during pregnancy because the baby’s teeth are also formed from the same enamel as your teeth. Some pregnant women also have something called a pregnancy tumour on their gums in the last trimester. This is a benign growth which goes away on its own after delivery. But it can be prevented with good dental hygiene.

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The stomach gets squashed upwards against the rib cage due to the expansion of the uterus which can result in digestive problems. Most pregnant women suffer from heartburn and acidity in the last months before delivery.

5 Symptoms During Late Preganancy

The digestive process also slows down resulting in constipation and build up of intestinal gas. Drink lots of fluids and consume high fibre foods to help alleviate these symptoms.

Lower Abdominal Pain

The last few months are the main time for the increase in the baby’s size. This means that the uterus and the belly have to expand drastically. This causes stretching of muscles in the abdominal and pelvic area which can result in pain especially while getting out of bed or climbing up stairs.