5 Symptoms Of Cerebral Stroke A Woman Should Not Overlook


There is a common confusion among people about stroke. General people by stroke mean heart attack. But heart attack is a cardiac failure or arrest which occurs for almost the same reason as stroke. By stroke a health expert or physician means CVA or cerebrovascular accident in which blood supply in the blood vessel of brain suddenly stops or is interrupted. Sometimes this cerebral stroke takes place because of hemorrhage in brain also. Cerebral stroke or simply stroke is called ischemic stroke also. Ischemic stroke is divided in three types. The first one is Thrombotic stroke in which plaque that has developed inside blood vessel stops blood flow. The second nature is Embolic stroke in which an embolus or plaque type material that is developed elsewhere in the body travels to the brain and causes blood flow interruption there. The third and last type is hemorrhagic stroke in which blood stream is raptured and blood spreads in the brain. Like all other diseases cerebral stroke also gives some warning signs or produces symptoms. When these symptoms show up a man or woman must not delay for a single moment. He or she should consult his or her physician immediately.

Here Are 5 Symptoms Or Warning Signs Of Stroke A Woman Should Not Overlook

When A Man Or Woman Suddenly Finds It Difficult To Speak Or Understand Words

 If a man or woman suddenly finds difficulty in speaking or understading his or her surrouding or words other people speaking then stroke may be taking place.

difficult to understand

Severe Headache, Vomiting May Occur In Cerebral Stroke

Sometimes a man or woman can have severe headache with vomiting and dizziness which indicate that a cerebral attack is occurring.


Paralysis Can Occur In One Part Of The Body

When cerebral stroke occurs a woman can feel that a part of her body is paralyzed. She will have difficulty in one part of the face, in one hand or in a leg. In cerebral attack if a woman fails to lift her both hands up or one hand up while the other fails then it is time to call the doctor.


Difficulty In Walking Or Finding Balance

With other symptoms if a man or woman feels it difficult to walk properly or stumbles while walking then it may be due to cerebral stroke. Cerebral stroke makes it hard to find balance for a man or woman while walking.


Vision Trouble Also Can Occur

In cerebral stroke a woman suddenly can find her vision blacked out or get blurry in one or both eyes.

Vision Problems