5 Tips To Protect Your Back And Pelvis In Pregnancy

Protect Your Back And Pelvis In Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful phase, however you need to take the right care of yourself to ensure your safety and good health of your unborn baby while expecting. Pregnancy changes the shape of your back and, at times, your lower back may suffer discomfort. If you have a curved lower back even before you get pregnancy, then you are likely to get greater arch while expecting. Hormonal changes and changes in your lower back may make you suffer from pain and discomfort in pelvis and back. So, you need to seek effective solutions to safeguard your back and pelvis that support your growing baby while expecting. Read on to discover different ways to protect your back and pelvis from discomfort during pregnancy.

Find Below Five Helpful Tips To Follow To Maintain Good Health Of Your Back And Pelvis While Expecting:

1. Exercises Regularly

Performing safe and healthy exercises regularly helps you enjoy a healthy pregnancy and stay healthy and relaxed while expecting. You can perform several exercises throughout your pregnancy to ensure good health of your back and pelvis and keep pain and discomfort at bay. However, make sure you do not perform vigorous exercises that may hurt you and cause harm to your unborn baby. Plan to perform exercises at least thrice a week or even more so that you can enjoy a healthy pain-free pregnancy. You can go for walking, yoga, swimming, cycling, and other exercises while you are expecting.

Exercises Regularly

2. Adapt Proper Posture

During pregnancy, as your fetus grow in your womb, you need to tighten your tummy muscles and pelvic floor muscles so that you can provide the right support to your back and keep back pain at bay. So, you need to adapt suitable postures. Avoid standing or sitting for long periods of time as it may cause pelvic tilting that can make you suffer from back discomfort and damage. Sit slowly and not in a haste. Move to make your work pelvis back and forth to make your back arched as this helps in mitigating the back pain. When you change your posture after a long time, make sure you bend backwards a bit.

Adapt Proper Posture

3. Avoid Heavy Lifting

Lifting heavy things and object while you are expecting is one of the major cause of pain in your back and pelvis during pregnancy. So, make sure you avoid holding and lifting heavy objects. If you are lifting anything, make sure you are holding that object close to your body, bend in your knees, and then lift it. You can use a rucksack or backpack to support your back muscles to function more efficiently. Do not carry any items that weigh greater than ten kgs or beyond your capacity on your back when you are expecting.

Avoid Heavy Lifting

4. Wear Supportive Shoes

Choosing comfortable and supportive shoes to wear while you are expecting is highly beneficial to safeguard your back from aching. Ensure you get flat shoes to wear. Avoid wearing heels during pregnancy as they may make you suffer from the hazards of the leg cramps. Flat shoes are safe and help keep back pain at bay.

Wear Supportive Shoes

5.  Support Your Back Properly

While you are sitting during pregnancy, make sure you provide good support to you back. If you are sitting on a chair, use a cushion to support your back. As a matter of fact, your back needs to be curved throughout your pregnancy. Using a birth ball can also help you maintain good posture and aids in tilting pelvis easily. Choose to sit on dining chair instead of sofa or soft, fluffy chair. If you are working, have breaks after every twenty minutes to feel relaxed and avoid discomfort. This aids in keeping back and pelvis pain at bay.

Support Your Back Properly

Now that you know these five effective ways to safeguard your back and pelvis while expecting, make sure you follow these helpful tips to enjoy a pain-free pregnancy.