5 Top Reasons Behind Infertility In Women

Reasons Behind Infertility In Women

A baby brings joy and fulfillment to a happily married life. For this reason a man and a woman who have started a family want a baby. But it is seen that after trying for long time and having regular unprotected sex the couple is unsuccessful. The female partner is not getting pregnant. There are several reasons that work behind infertility in a woman. Sometimes it involve female health conditions. Sometimes there are some male reasons behind too. Doctors say that these reasons are half and half that contribute to infertility. Apart from these some unknown reasons also sometimes work behind infertility.. When you are facing such a problem it is always best to consult a doctor and work according to his or her guidance.

Here Are 5 Top Reasons Behind Infertility In Women:

1. Age

Age is a great factor in getting pregnant. Chance of getting pregnant decreases or infertility increases with age in a woman.The female body is an organic machine. The whole process or body parts, organs that involve in pregnancy or child bearing works quite fine if the woman is healthy within age 35. Doctors normally say that a couple should try to have child for at least 1 year if the age of the woman is within 35 or just 35. If this age is from within 35 to 40 the limit decreases to six months. If the age of the woman is 40 or has crossed 40 then doctors ask for some tests right away if the couple wants child.


2. Not Having Regular Intercourse

Doctors or health experts say that not having regular unprotected intercourse is one of the main factors behind infertility in women. If you are in child bearing age and want a baby, you need to have regular intercourse with your partner for at least once a day. You can consult your doctor in this. The doctor will tell you the fertile time in which practicing intercourse is best to get pregnant.

Not Having Regular Intercourse

3. Abnormality In Ovulation

Abnormality in ovulation can cause infertility in a woman.For getting pregnant a woman needs normal ovulation. Overy releases an egg that meets sperm and as a result fertility occurs. But failing to relaese an egg causes infertility. Expert say that irregular or abnormal menstrual cycle sometimes can be  a symptom of this problem. If you are having menstruation that is abnormally long or much shorter or not at all kindly consult a physician.

Abnormality In Ovulation

4. Abnormality In Fallopian Tubes And Uterus

Apart from abnormality in ovulation, abnormality in organs like fallopian tubes or uterus can cause infertility too. If you ovulate normally but there is defect in fallopian tubes then the egg can’t meet the sperm and fertility is hampered. There are several reasons that can cause blockage or defect in fallopian tube. Ailments like endometriosis, infections etc are responsible for this health condition. Besides an embryo needs a perfectly healthy uterus for proper development into a baby. It is also seen that if a woman has defect in cervix, this causes difficulty for sperm to travel through the canal of  cervix.

Abnormality In Fallopian Tubes And Uterus

5. Defect In Sperm Of The Partner

Defect in sperm of the male partner can also cause infertility in a woman. A woman can be healthy and have no defect in her organs or body mechanism and within child bearing age still she can’t conceive if the male partner has defect in supplying sperm. Sometimes men do not have sufficient sperm in semen. Sometimes it is seen that a sperm does not have the motility to travel and meet the egg in female body. Only clinical check up can determine this problem.

Defect In Sperm Of The Partner