5 Types, Cause And Major Steps To Avoid Ischemic Heart Disease In Women

Ischemic Heart Disease In Women

Like all other vital organs of the body heart is one of the primary organs that can have many ailments. A heart in order to function properly needs to pump normally. For this heart muscles require enough oxygen rich blood. Sometimes it is seen that a heart is not getting enough oxygen rich blood for its muscles to function properly. When this happens the condition is called Ischemic heart disease or myocardial ischemia. Myocardial ischemia is a serious heart issue. If it occurs it can be sign for a bigger heart problem and lead to heart attack also. So once symptoms start to occur on a regular basis a man or woman must consult a doctor to fight the problem.

When ischemic problem takes place there are some signs that show up in a patient. These include is discomfort like heaviness, pressure or pain in the chest mostly in the left side. This pain sometimes can be felt in neck or jaw too. Besides a woman who has ischemia can have shortness or difficulty in properly breathing also. Sweating can happen in this heart problem. Apart from these, signs like weakness, nausea or vomiting can occur in ischemic heart problem also.

1. Types Of Ischemic Heart Problem

Medical science has divided ischemia mainly into two types. One type is called Chronic ischemia. A patient who has chronic ischemia does not get enough supply of blood or oxygen to heart muscle on a continuous basis. Chronic ischemia is dangerous. It puts a woman or man at a risk of heart attack. The other type is Silent ischemia. In silent ischemia people do not have any signs or symptoms of ischemic heart disease. They do not even know that they have it. Until some medical check up reveals the condition. Health experts say that mainly older people, women who have problem like diabetes can have silent ischemia.

Types Of Ischemic Heart Problem

2. Cause

The main cause of ischemic pr myocardial ischemia is blockage of coronary artery or arteries. If a coronary artery is blocked then blood flow reduces causing decrease in the supply of oxygen to the heart muscle. Health experts state that three things mainly give birth to such problem in coronary artery. One is build up of fatty plaque known as atherosclerosis in blood vessel that blocks blood flow. Sometimes this plaque in blood vessel disintegrates and blood clot forms. This blood clot can reduce blood flow in an artery causing severe ischemia doctors state. The third factor is spasm or tightening of the muscle of coronary artery. that can also give birth to this condition. But this happens rarely doctors say.


Here Are 3 Major Steps To Avoid Ischemia In A Woman

3. Control High Blood Cholesterol

To avoid ischemic heart disease controlling of high blood cholesterol is necessary experts state. Bad cholesterol or LDL makes atherosclerosis to develop in blood vessel that reduces blood flow. So you need to check up on your cholesterol level regularly. And at the same time talk to doctor to take up measures so that bad cholesterol does not gather up in your blood vessel. Check the triglyceride level also.

Control High Blood Cholesterol

4. Check On Your Waist Circumference

To avoid heart problems specially ischemic disease health experts ask to check on your waist circumference from time to time. In the case of women this circumference must remain within 35 inches. If your waist is more than 35 inches then it is time to get a bit cautious. Doctors say that increase in the circumference of waist region indicates development of problem like high blood pressure in a woman. This can give birth to problem like ischemia.

Check On Your Waist Circumference

5. Be Active And Eat Healthy Foods

Remaining active in life and eating healthy foods is one of the best steps to avoid myocardial ischemia doctors say. Increasing body weight or obesity puts you at a risk of contacting heart related problems including ischemia. So remain active always. You can engage yourself into regular exercise like aerobics to remain fit and loose body weight at the same time. Simultaneously eating healthy foods devoid of bad fats and rich in vitamins, minerals etc is very necessary. If you smoke you have to curtail or quit this for the sake of good health.

Be Active And Eat Healthy Foods