5 Types, Important Signs And Riskfactors Of Vaginal Cancer

Vaginal Cancer

Vagina is a very important  organ in female body that plays a major role in sex and child birth. Like all other organs of a female body this organ also can be victim of many ailments. cancer is one of those. Cancer in other part of a female body can spread to vagina. But the cells that line the surface of vagina or  birth canal that connects vagina with uterus can have cancer also. It is called vaginal cancer. Though doctors say that it is a bit rare but can take place in a woman. Early diagnosis of this disease is very necessary to fight this problem.

1. Types Of Vaginal Cancer:

Medical science have divided vaginal cancer into 4 different types based upon the cells on which the cancer starts. The most common vaginal cancer can start on the cells that line the surface of vagina. This is called the vaginal squamous cell carcinoma. These cells are thin in nature. While the first type takes place on the thin cells the second type can take place on glandular or rather thick cells on the surface of vagina. This is called vaginal adenocarcinoma. There are some vaginal cells that give birth to pigment. When cancer takes place on these the type is called vaginal melanoma. When cancer attacks the  muscle or connective tissues on vagina wall this type is known as vaginal  sarcoma.

Types Of Vaginal Cancer

2. Important Signs Of Vaginal Cancer:

Doctors say that vaginal cancer does not produce any signs in early stage. But as the disease develops there are some signs that show up gradually. The most important is abnormal bleeding from vagina when it is not menstruation. A woman can face it after having sex too. It can even take place in a woman who has menopause already. Apart from blood, discharge like watery material also can happen. A woman can sense a lump like thing in this health problem in her vagina too. She can have ache in pelvic region and face problem in urinating also.  A woman can face pain while having penetration in the vagina during sex. Constipation is another remarkable sign of this disease too.

Important Signs Of Vaginal Cancer

Below Are Main Riskfactors Of Vaginal Cancer

3. Presence Of VAIN Cells In A Woman

According to doctors women who have VAIN or vaginal intraepithelial neoplasia cells are running at a risk of getting this serious health issue. But at the same time experts also state that not all women who have this peculiar cell are bound to have this cancer. But it increases the risk. Having infection like HPV or human papillomavirus increases the risk of getting this cells too.

VAIN Cells In A Woman

4. Age

Age is one of the most important riskfactors of this problem doctors say. According to them certain type of cancer is seen frequently occurring to a certain age group. In this regard it is seen that women who have crossed 60 are seen to have become victim of this ailment frequently. But experts also state that young women who are sexually very active, have more than one partner and had intercourse at an early age can also get this health problem.


5. Certain Type Of Medication

A particular medicine known as DES or diethylstilbestrol used to be given to pregnant women in 50s of last century is one of the riskfactors of vaginal cancer in their aged daughter doctors say. Medical research have found  that the mothers of the women with vaginal cancer like clear cell adenocarcinoma had been given DES drug in 1950s during pregnancy.  If your mother had received this drug when you were in her womb you are running at a risk getting this cancer too.

Certain Type Of Medication

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