5 Types Of Breast-Reduction Surgeries

Women with small breasts often consider themselves less blessed and crave for increasing the size of their breasts. But large breasts can also be a cause of concern for some women.

Large breasts can make a woman experience pain in her shoulders and her lower back and can also make her feel disproportionate and unattractive. Hence, women, who have very large breasts often, opt for various methods that could reduce the size of their breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is a popular and one of the most effective methods for breast reduction. Once you decide to opt for breast reduction surgery, you should gain sufficient knowledge about the various types of breast reduction surgeries so that you can take a good decision.

5 Types Of Breast-Reduction Surgeries:

1) Reduction Mammoplasty

Reduction mammoplasty is essentially a surgical process in which breast tissues and skin are removed. This gives better shape to the breasts and makes them smaller in size. Time taken for the surgery varies between 3 and 5 hours. In reduction mammoplasty technique, excess tissues are removed by making incisions into the breast and then closing them with stitches.

2) Free Nipple Graft

Free nipple graft technique of breast reduction is basically used for women, who have very large breasts or are elder women. In this particular type of breast reduction surgery, the nipple is removed. Excess skin and breast tissues are also removed during the process. Then the surgeon reassembles them to form the new breast and graft the removed nipples after trimming them, onto the new breasts. This method of breast reduction is not suitable for every woman because the patient usually loses the ability to breastfeed.

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3) Pedicle Method

Pedicle method of breast reduction is considered to be the most common surgical method for breast reduction. This surgical method has the ability to reduce the contour, breast appearance and the volume without interfering with the usual functions and sensation of the nipples and breasts. Pedicle method is also known by other terms such as inverted T pattern, T-scar method, anchor method, keyhole, and lollipop or donut incision.

4) Mastoplexy

Mastoplexy is a kind of breast lift that is done for altering the size of the breasts. Technically, it is not considered as a breast reduction surgery but it is widely used as a form of breast lift. In this procedure, excess skin is removed from the areola part and the bottom of the breasts. It can also involve removal of breast tissues and replacement of tissues with an implant. This gives a firmer look to the breasts. In order to reduce the volume of the breasts, liposuction can also be performed around the sides of the breasts.

5) Stevens Laser Bra

This technique of breast reduction has been developed recently. It does not consider the removal of skin tissues during the laser surgery. Instead, it provides a comparatively permanent solution by attaching a laser bra to the chest wall internally. It is done in such a way that the body does not reject the attached laser bra.