5 Types, Signs, Cause And Major Riskfactors Of Molar Pregnancy


Molar Pregnancy

Becoming mother is a dream to every married woman in the world. If a woman gets pregnant early signs and symptoms that are normal start to show up. But despite of showing early normalcy sometimes pregnancy in a woman becomes complicated. Moreover it is also seen that a supposed pregnancy is not a normal pregnancy at all. The woman is not carrying a bay rather than a mass of cyst or kind of a tumor in the uterus. This type of pregnancy where a mass or cyst known as hydatid mole grows in womb instead of a fetus is called Molar pregnancy. It is kind of a benign tumor. But if it is not diagnosed early or medical help is not taken then condition of a woman can become critical. So early detection is very necessary in this health condition in women.

Types Of Molar Pregnancy:

According to doctors there are two types of molar pregnancy. The first type is called Complete molar pregnancy. In this type an egg is fertilized by a sperm in a woman. But this fertilized egg does not develop into a fetus. It becomes a mass of tissue completely. Doctors say that it resembles a cluster of grapes. The other type of molar pregnancy is called Partial molar pregnancy. It is a bit different from the previous one. In it an egg is fertilized by two sperms and embryo is partially developed that has defects. It does not develop into a healthy fetus and ultimately dies.

Types Of Molar Pregnancy


It is already told that even molar pregnancy starts to show early signs which are common in normal pregnancy. But as time goes some signs or symptoms start to show up that are different from normal pregnancy and deserve attention. In molar pregnancy a woman can become victim of heavy vomiting or nausea. She can have peculiar type of vaginal discharge of deep brown color or bright red that resembles blood. Even bleeding can take place from vagina. In molar pregnancy a woman can feel discomfort in pelvic region too. The most striking sign of this kind of abnormal pregnancy in a woman is release of tissues in form of grapes from vagina. During pregnancy if a woman is check up by a doctor or clinically detection of outsize uterus, hypertension , hyperthyroidism etc can take place if the woman has molar pregnancy.


Cause Of Molar Pregnancy:

Molar pregnancy is caused by the abnormal genetic condition in a fertilized egg. In a normal genetic condition a perfectly fertilized egg carries 23 pairs of chromosomes that has a single chromosome from mother and father in each pair. But in molar pregnancy the egg ultimately does not have any chromosome from mother at all. Therefore the fertilized egg does not have any nucleus or have defective nucleus. In partial molar pregnancy when two sperms fertilize an egg the chromosome set that comes from father doubles in number and as a result the embryo can’t develop normally.

Cause Of Molar Pregnancy

Here Are 2 Major Riskfactors For Molar Pregnancy:


Doctors say that age is one of the main riskfactors of molar pregnancy. Getting pregnant after the age of 35 sometimes causes complications in pregnancy in women. Sometimes this complication comes in the form of molar pregnancy. But it is also said that getting pregnant before 20 also can increase the risk of getting this condition too.


Diet Low In Vitamin A

Apart from age dietary habit devoid of or low in elements like vitamin A or folic acid can put a woman at a risk of getting molar pregnancy experts say. They state that a woman who does not eat foods rich in these healthy elements can become victim of this type  pregnancy related complication. Doctors say that a woman who is 14 years and above needs at least 700mcg of vitamin A on a regular basis.

Diet Low In Vitamin A