5 Types, Symptoms And Major Risk Factors Of Melanoma In Women

Major Risk Factors Of Melanoma In Women

Skin that envelops a human body and makes a human being look beautiful and acceptable can have many ailments also. Even skin can have cancer. Melanocytes are skin color producing cells. When cancer attacks this melanocytes it is called melanoma. According to doctors melanoma is most common type of skin cancer. It can happen to men as well as women. But young women are seen more vulnerable to melanoma. A woman who is within 40yers of age should remain a bit conscious about this particular type of skin cancer.

Detection Of The Disease In Early Stage And Start Of Medical Procedure Help To Combat This Serious Ailment:

1. Types Of Melanoma

There are two types of melanoma.The first kind can take place on already existing mole on a human body. This type is called melanoma on normal moles. As this takes place on open body it can be detected easily. But sometimes melanoma happens in moles or parts of body that remain out of sight. This melanoma is called hidden melanoma. Hidden melanoma can take place under fingernail bed of hands or feet, digestive as well as urinary tract, inside the mouth and even in the eyes. This type though a bit uncommon is difficult to diagnose easily.

Types Of Melanoma

2. Symptoms

Signs or symptoms of melanoma or malignant melanoma involve asymmetrical shape on mole that has two parts. One part looks  different from the other. Other signs include scaly or scratchy appearance on the border of mole. A woman with melanoma can have mole that has several colors or multiple color on it. Besides a cancerous mole can change its size or shape/ It can grow upto 6mm in diameter. Moreover doctors say that  a harmless mole on the body that does not show any unusual development, in melanoma suddenly can start itching and bleeding also can happen from it. In medical science signs of melanoma is commonly referred to as ABCDE It means A for asymmetry, B for border, C for color, D for diameter and E for evolving or evolution.


Here Are Major Risk Factors Of Melanoma In A Woman

3. Uncontrolled Exposure To Sunlight Or UV Radiation

Extreme or uncontrolled exposure to sunlight or UV rays is a major risk factor of melanoma experts say. A woman who remains under the sun for some reason or habituated to sun bathing without any protection on skin is running at a risk of getting melanoma. At the same time not remaining under the sun but  exposure to UV rays through tanning bed also can do this to you. So always remain a bit conscious about remaining exposed heavily to sun or UV rays.

Uncontrolled Exposure To Sunlight Or UV Radiation

4. Having Light Or White Skin

According to doctors or experts if you have light colored skin or fair skin then you are running at a risk of getting melanoma. Experts say that fair or light skinned people normally have less melanin producing cells on skin. This in turn makes the woman or man a little bit more vulnerable to UV radiation or sunlight. With fair skin, people who have red and blond hair, eyes with light color etc can have melanoma also. Women with dark skin have a bit less chance of getting melanoma experts state.

Having Light Or White Skin

5. Having Melanoma In Family

Having history of melanoma in family is one of the major risk factors of this type of skin cancer doctors say. According to medical science there are certain diseases that if occur in a member of family then it is seen that nearest  to that person is having that disease in future also. Melanoma is such a disease. So if you have a very close relative in family with this problem then remain a bit cautious about this cancer.

Having Melanoma In Family