5 Useful Tips To Treat Vaginitis In Women

Vaginitis In Women

Vagina is one of the most important organs in women. Vagina is a sex organ. It plays very important part in act of   reproduction. Like all body parts or organs vagina also can have ailments. Vagina is a sensitive organ. The most common form of vaginal problems which occur include vaginitis. Vaginitis is inflammation of vagina. Sometimes this vaginitis involves vulva the external part of vagina too. Health experts call it vulvovaginitis.

A woman who contacts vaginits encounters symptoms like irritation or itching, burning sensation in vagina. Sometimes there is discharge from vagina too. The disease can cause foul odor in vagina also. Besides a woman who gets vaginitis can have pain during urination or intercourse. There are a few reasons behind vaginits in women. The most common is attack of bacteria. Change in level of hormones in body or imbalance in ratio of good or bad bacteria in vagina, weak immune system, unhygienic lifestyle etc are responsible for this health condition in women heath experts state.

Here Are 5 Useful Tips To Treat Vaginitis In Women

Contact Doctor For Rapid Healing

Today modern women have to go out for work regularly. So they want rapid relief from any kind of ailment that takes place. To get rapid relief from vaginitis a woman has to contact her doctor or specialist when symptoms show up. The doctor can check you and then prescribe the right medicine for the problem. There are good antibiotics in form of oral tablets or ointments available for combatting such health problem.

Contact Doctor For Rapid Healing

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining some very simple healthy habits can prevent or treat problem like vaginitis in you. First of all always remain clean and dry. Do not use any scented soap or anything like douches etc inside vagina. Always use clean water to wash vagina. With this keep the area always dry with clean cloth. Besides experts forbid to wear tight fitted clothes like jeans. Tight fitted clothes and underwear trap bacteria and can cause vaginitis. Along with this protection must be maintained while doing sex experts say.

Maintain Healthy Lifestyle

Build Up Good Immune System

A human being is bathing in a sea of harmful foreign agents like bacteria,virus, pollutants. But it is the immune system in the body that is protecting a human being always. A good immune system can fight problem like vaginitis. To build a good immune system a woman can eat healthy foods which are rich in minerals and vitamins like A, C and D. There are foods like orange, apple, carrot, potatoe, beans, mushroom, garlic, ginger etc that one can eat to build good immune system. Besides experts urge women to drink at least 10 glassese of water regularly. Regular exercise for about half an hour and adequate rest are also helpful for body experts state.

Build Up Good Immune System

Tea Tree Oil Helps In The Problem

Tea tree oil is a natural element that has amazing anti bacterial quality experts say. This can combat problem like vaginitis in women. A woman should add 4 or 5 drops of tea tree oil in a  pan filled filled with slight hot water. Then she should mix or sit the solution very well. After this the woman should wash her vagina with this solution experts state. Doing this once in day on regular basis will produce result. But  women who are pregnant should not do this remedy experts requeat.

Tea Tree Oil Helps In The Problem

Cold Compress Provides Relief

The easiest remedy that a woman can try to get relief from discomforts in vaginitis is cold compress health experst say. All a woman has to do is to wrap some ice cubes together very tightly in a clean cloth. Then she should apply it on vagina. She should hold it there for a minute then take it out. After interval of one minute she should use it again. Experts ask a woman to repeat the procedure as needed.

Cold Compress Provides Relief