5 Warning Signs, Cause And Factors That Risk Meningioma In Women

Meningioma In Women

Brain and spinal cord are two very important vital portions of a human body which are parts of central nervous system. Meninges is the cover that envelops this brain and spinal cord from outside. There are a few layers of meninges. Its function is to protect this vital part of central nervous system. But tumor can occur in the meninges. The meninges tumor is known as meningioma which occurs on meninges of brain mainly. But sometimes these can take place on spinal cord too. Doctors say that almost 90% of these tumor do not become malignant. But some meninges tumor can turn cancerous. Though most tumors on meninges are benign and grow slowly but sometimes they can cause severe physical problem. Women are frequently seen with meningioma.

Early Diagnosis And Medical Steps Can Fight This Problem In A Woman:

1. Warning Signs Of Meningioma

According to doctors the major warning sign of meningioma is headache that gets severe gradually. Besides in this health problem a woman gradually encounters difficulties with vital organs. She can  have problem in hearing things properly. Seeing clearly becomes difficult for her also. Blurry vision can take place in  this health problem. Apart from these a patient can have difficulty in remembering things or memory failure also can occur. He or she can loose his or her sense of smell too. In this ailment a woman or man looses strength in his or her hands or legs too.  Difficulty in speaking and incident of seizures also can take place. Doctors say that if you start to feel or notice such problems in you for sometimes kindly consult a physician without wasting time.

Warning Signs Of Meningioma

2. Cause

The main cause of meningioma according to doctors is some form of transformation or change in the cell structure of meninges. Meninges is the membrane that protects the central nervous system. It is also a cellular structure. Sometimes something causes the cells in meninges to grow rapidly without control. This uncontrolled and abnormal growth causes tumor in this area. When this tumor becomes malignant cancer occurs. But doctors are not specifically certain about what exactly causes these cells to grow out of control in meninges.


Below Are 3 Factors That Risk Meningioma In A Woman

3. Progesterone, The Female Hormone

Doctors or health experts cite progesterone the female hormone as one of the main risk factors of meniongioma in women. Porgesterone is one of the main female hormones that influence several body functions severely. Medical science has found link between this hormone and this particular heath problem. As level of progesterone fluctuates in the body of a woman doctors say that Tumor on meninges therefore is seen to occur more frequently in women aged between 30 to 70.

Progesterone, The Female Hormone

4. A Certain Genetic Disease

Doctors say that a particular ailment can put you at a risk of getting meningioma too. This illness is a little bit uncommon nervous system related ailment. It is called neurofibromatosis type 2. Neurofibromatosis type 2 is a genetic disorder doctors say. If it occurs in a person of a family there is a chance of occurrence of it among other close members of that family too. And this genetic illness increases the risk of tumor in meninges doctors say.


5. Some Kind Of Trauma Or Injury

According to health experts some kind of injury in meninges can put a person at a risk of getting meningioma in future. But at the same time they state that more research has to be carried out in this issue to prove it conclusively. Cases have been found or seen in which tumors on meninges have taken place where the tissues are damaged or somehow scarred. Sometimes fracture or cracks in skulls also have seen to carry this kind of tumor too doctors state.

Some Kind Of Trauma Or Injury