5 Warning Signs When A Woman Should See A Gynaecologist

5 Warning Signs When A Woman Should See A Gynaecologist

There are times when it becomes inevitable to go a gynaecologist. These are instances when you should not delay the visit. Often, we ignore the early signs of illnesses and diseases. But if you are witnessing some strange symptoms or signs in the body, then you should not delay a visit. Delaying the visit could lead to serious health problems and cause further damage. Here are some reasons when going to see a gynaecologist-

Menstrual Problems

In case you are suffering from any kind of menstrual problems like too much pain, cramping, excessive bleeding, irregular bleeding, etc. Then it is time to pay your gynaecologist a visit. These are all signs of inherent illnesses that should not be delayed. A gynaec will help you out with the needed treatment and solution. Menopause or delay in period or a young girl not getting periods by 15 are areas that a gynaecologist can help out with.

Menstrual Cycle

 Vaginal Discharge Or Discomfort

Vaginal discharge is another condition where you should go and visit the gynaecologist. Remember that any kind of discharge, discomfort during intercourse like pain, burning sensation, etc. then you should definitely go and check with the gynaecologist to check for warning signs and symptoms.

Vaginal Discharge

Frequent Urinary Infections

If you are suffering from frequent urinary infections on a regular basis, then you should go to a gynaecologist rather than a physician. Doing so is vital because inherent problems of the urinary tract and the vaginal area can be recognized by the gynaecologist much better than a general physician.

If You Think You Are Pregnant

If you have the remotest of the feeling that you are pregnant or expecting, then you should definitely consult with a gynaecologist. In case  a home pregnancy test came out positive, then you should not delay a visit to ensure that necessary tests are conducted on time.

Consulting Doctor

Post Pregnancy Check Ups/ Fertility Issues

It is vital to be in touch with your gynaecologist and get regular post pregnancy check ups. If you had a tube inserted for preventing further pregnancies or other related fertility issues, then you should go to a gynaecologist instead of a regular physician.

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