5 Ways How Yogurt Helps You Lose Weight

5 Ways How Yogurt Helps You Lose Weight

Yogurt is delicious and healthy. Now there is an additional reason for adding yogurt to your diet – to aid weight loss. Although most valued as a probiotic food, this fermented milk product is also an excellent source of calcium and healthy protein, two nutrients that play vital roles in eliminating the unwanted body fat and regaining the healthy body mass index.A University of Tennessee study has shown that obese adults who consumed three servings of fat-free yogurt daily lost 22% more weight than those who didn’t include yogurt in their daily diet.Wondering how yogurt can help you lose weight?

Here Is How:

Inhibits Fat Absorption

Calcium in yogurt inhibits absorption of fats from foods. Studies have shown that the postprandial lipid levels in people who consumed dairy calcium tend to be lower than those who didn’t consume dairy products. However, consuming calcium supplement has no effect of the lipid level after meals, which indicates that certain co-factors in dairy products and the chemical form of dairy calcium prevent fat absorption in the gut.

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Boosts Metabolism

Studies further suggest that dairy calcium slightly increases thermogenesis or heat production in the body, which perks up the metabolic rate. Hence, your body breaks down fat to release energy. Researchers at the University of Tennessee have found that obese individuals who consumed yogurt daily lost 61% more fat than those who didn’t add yogurt to their low calorie diet.

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Reduces Belly Fat

However, the best part of consuming yogurt is its ability to break down belly fat. Studies have revealed that people who consumed yogurt daily had 81% less belly fat than people who didn’t eat yogurt. Calcium in yogurt plays an important role in regulating distribution of body fat.

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Decreases Calorie Intake

The high satiety value of yogurt helps in reducing your total calorie intake. It makes you feel full after consuming fewer calories. Moreover, the healthy protein in yogurt keeps you full for a longer time. Hence, you can resist food cravings easily by consuming yogurt.

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Boosts Stamina

Carbohydrate and protein are combined in the right proportion in yogurt, which helps in boosting your energy level. By raising your energy level, yogurt helps you to exercise for a longer time. Therefore, you can burn the unwanted fat, build lean muscles and get back to shape by snacking on yogurt.

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