5 Ways Menopause Affects Your Heart Health

Ways Menopause Affects Your Heart Health

Menopause is a condition which can get very stressful and depressing for many women. This is the phase where women suffer for bodily changes along with the psychological and mental changes too. During this phase, the woman’s body suffers from immense changes one of which is a high hormonal imbalance or change. Generally this period can affect the heart health which is quite a lesser known fact. Menopause can highly affect and change your heart health! From high blood pressure to diabetes, from heavy weight gain to high cholesterol levels, there are numerous conditions which can damage your heart and cause various heart issues! Also it is suggested that the female hormones named estrogen are quite beneficial in protecting the heart from various impairments and issues during menopause.

Here Are Some Conditions Which Can Highly Affect The Heart Health During Menopause!

1. Changes In Heart Rate

The heart beat ratio is certain and after menopause, this ratio changes. Also known as Atrial fibrillation, this is the condition in which the heart rhythm changes. During menopause, the level of estrogen hormones in your body drops significantly which can lead to various heart issues and problems like blockages, high blood pressure, vein and artery disorders etc. this is the prime condition which can cause heart issues and problems due to the changes and imbalance of hormones in the body!

Changes In Heart Rate

2. Diabetes

Diabetes is not that harmful before menopause but after you reach menopause, it can lead to several heart problems causing harmful situations for you. The women who are suffering from diabetes are more open towards the risk of catching the heart disease than those who don’t. With menopause, women become more resistant to insulin which is a very significant element in diabetes which directly results into heart disease and heart disorders. High blood pressure, cardiovascular disease and such conditions can occur! It is thus very important to regularly check your blood glucose levels and to stay safe from the heart disease which can cause with menopause.


3. High Blood Pressure

This is one if the causes of heart disease after menopause. During menopause the levels of estrogen significantly drops which causes imbalance in the normal functioning of the body. The blood vessels become stiff and sometimes cause blockages and blood thickness. The arteries and veins face immense pressure for the blood flow which causes high blood pressure and some disease coming along with it! Us it is very important to go for regular checkups and consume proper medications for high blood pressure during menopause as it can directly affect your heart health!

High Blood Pressure

4. High Cholesterol

With the lack and dropped levels of estrogen, the issues like high cholesterol can affect the health of woman. During and post menopause, the hormones with goof cholesterol gets dropped while the elements with LDL that is, the bad cholesterol grows. It is important to balance the growth otherwise t can result into some threatening conditions. High cholesterol makes the arteries and veins blocked which can cause high blood pressure, heart attacks and various such issues. High cholesterol must be thus controlled during menopause to hinder some heart disease!

High Cholesterol

5. Weight Gain

Menopause comes with so many issues just like sloe metabolism and low digestive power. These conditions can directly affect the weight gain! Heavy weight gain makes women more open towards various heart issues and disease. Extra weight can make your heart more stressful which can lead to heart attacks and blockages which can risk you some heart disease. A proper balance of weight is suggested to avoid such conditions!

Weight Gain