5 Ways To Control Appetite To Lose Weight Naturally

Ways To Control Appetite To Lose Weight

Good health is indicative of a nutritious and well-balanced diet. But there are many of us who equate good health with over-eating. Excess of everything is bad, including good food.

Overindulgence often leads to weight gain, obesity and numerous health problems like high cholesterol, diabetes and high blood pressure. In some cases, poor or unhealthy eating habits can even lead to cancer.

Many of us fail to draw the line between healthy eating and over eating. Once we start eating we don’t know where to stop. While we agree that healthy and nutritious diet is good for all; however, the well-balanced diet too has its limitations. In this article we will explore the various healthy ways in which we can control our appetite.

Ways To Control Appetite To Lose Weight Naturally

Eat lots of fiber-rich foods every day. Our body finds it difficult to process fiber and therefore, most of the fiber is removed from our body. This means that unlike other foods, fiber does not lead to formation of fat in our bodies. Fibrous foods also tend to sit heavy on the stomach so we don’t feel hungry for a long time.

Fiber-Rich Foods

Foods such as nuts, raw vegetables, fruits, cereals and whole grains are high in fiber content. They should be included in our daily diet as they help control our binging and snacking habits.

Water is the elixir of life. However, not many people are aware that it helps control our hunger pangs like no other food does. Besides, water has zero calories so you can drink as much without feeling guilty. Drink a glass of cold water 10 minutes before you sit down for your meal.

Drink Water

Water will fill your tummy and prevent you from over-eating. When hunger pangs first strike you, drink a glass of water and wait for five minutes. Many times we mistake thirst for hunger and end up snacking while depriving our body of water.

Change Your Eating Habits

Change your eating habits. Instead of eating three heavy meals, eat six small meals through the day. This way you can even indulge in eating bits of your favorite snacks without feeling guilty of overindulging. When we eat after long gaps we tend to eat more. Eating small meals through the day helps control this overeating.

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Include lots of proteins and complex carbohydrates in your diet. Our body tales longer to break them down and digest. Hence we tend to feel full for a long time. Foods like carrots, celery, chicken breast, eggs, peanut butter, cottage cheese, peaches and apples should be consumed on a daily basis. These are low in calories but high in protein content.

Protein Rich Diet

Don’t talk while eating and chew your food well. This is the advice that our mothers often gave us when we were children. And how beneficial it is! Studies have shown that people who talk while eating often end up eating more than they should. People who don’t chew their food well before swallowing often have a messed up digestive system.

Don’t Talk While Eating

When we swallow half-chewed food, our body finds it difficult to break it down. This results in removal of the foods without proper absorption of nutrients. Removal of foods results in unhealthy hunger pangs as well as nutrition-deficiency.