5 Ways To Fight Cellulitis Naturally

Cellulitis is a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and redness along with pain on the skin surface. Mostly affecting the lower legs and face, cellulitis is formed when the skin gets a cut through which the bacteria enters and exerts its action. Cellulitis can spread to the lymph node if the bacteria enter the blood stream.Therefore it is important to prevent it from aggravating.Though the normal treatment method involves administration of antibiotics, there are many natural methods as well which can offer the same competence, if not more, if the infection is diagnosed at the onset.

Natural Treatments For Cellulitis

1. A diet that is rich in vitamin must be taken when you have cellulitis. The best foods that can be included in the diet are citrus fruits like lemon, oranges tomatoes, sweet potatoes etc. With the intake of vitamin C, the body develops enough strength to fight the infection and prevent further occurrences.

2. Yoghurt can do wonders when you have bacterial infections.Taking two to three cups of yoghurt with live cultures will keep the body away from bad bacteria.As you consume yoghurt, the bad bacteria in the body will be slowly removed and the good bacteria will give the body enough power to fight off the infection effectively. Take some yoghurt and apply on the infected skin to destroy the bacteria.

3. Another good natural antibacterial agent that can destroy the bad bacteria in the body is garlic. Taking 4-5 cloves of garlic every day will help the body destroy the bacteria causing infection and also prevent the infection from advancing to a threatening stage. Crush garlic and apply the juice on the skin as well to increase its action.